Software Effects

Efx MOTIONS Rev INTENSITY The most innovative sound design ever found in a reverb plug-in, it offers amazing new ways for experimental, progressive music makers to twist and wa... Pre V76 From its broadcast origins to its use on some of the best-selling, most enduring records of all time, the V76 preamp has played a pivotal supporting r... Efx FRAGMENTS Efx FRAGMENTS is a software effect that allows you to divide, transform, and rebuild any sound by unlocking the power of granular processing. Instantl... Dist COLDFIRE To create is to destroy Twist the simplest groove into a gnarled web of crushed resonance; bring your instruments, vocals, and loops to life with stac... Delay TAPE-201 TAPE-201 gives you everything you love Simple to use, fun to tweak, and with the most authentic tape delay emulation ever found in a software effect,... Filter MS20 Make anything sound massive Turn any sound into huge, colorful, unstoppable textures and timbres that’ll give your DAW production the edge you’ve been... Tape MELLO-FI Tape MELLO-FI is an easy-to-use effect plugin that brings instant chill atmosphere and vintage tape-aged warmth in a few clicks. Kick back and sprinkl... Chorus DIMENSION D Far and wide Chorus DIMENSION-D has been painstakingly modeled after one of the most sought-after effects units of all time, the Roland Dimension D -... Pre 1973 As every modern music producer knows, the sheer amount of software plugins available seems almost limitless. For years, top producers have coveted the... Delay ETERNITY A totally original Arturia design, Delay Eternity takes a deceptively simple digital delay and transforms it into something breathtaking. Make your vo... Comp FET-76 The phrase “industry standard” gets used a lot in music production circles, but few products actually live up the hype. The original 1176 compressor d... Dist OPAMP-21 Studio-to-stage saturation Whether it’s that gritty rough edge, that in-your-face impact, or that final transparent boost you’re after, Dist OPAMP-21... Filter SEM Combining simplicity with pure tone-shaping power, Filter SEM is a futuristic twist on a classic synth filter. Renowned for its pioneering technology... Pre TridA For decades, the concept of pop music was synonymous with Trident® Studios, the pioneering facility in the heart of London’s Soho district. Their clie... Filter M12 If you want a filter with depth, character, and complexity; look no further. Filter M12 is a full-featured recreation of the multi-mode filter found i... EQ SITRAL-295 Instant hi-fi sound Some see the humble EQ as a go-to mix fixer; a repair tool to fill any gaps in your sound. We see it as a vital ingredient to any... Phaser BI-TRON More than just a phase A simple concept, multiplied, expanded, and pushed to the outer limits. A definitive sound that was ahead of its time, yet rema... Filter MINI Ever wanted to use one of the world’s most famous synth filters in your DAW? The classic filter from our lovingly recreated Mini V software instrument... Chorus JUN-6 The easy chorus you’ve always wanted Chorus JUN-6's subtle stereo richness has to be heard to be believed - try it out for yourself below by turning t... Comp VCA-85 When it was released, the original DBX 165A® was a compressor unlike any other. Rather than the more traditional vacuum tube, it used a solid-state VC... Comp DIODE-609 The gold standard compressor Listen to any chart-topping hit, award-winning soundtrack, or seminal album from the past 40 years, and it’s likely that... Rev LX-24 Space in a box The rich reverb you’ve always known, always loved, and always wanted. Rev LX-24 gives your sound the space, atmosphere, and sparkle you... Flanger BL-20 An elusive classic An unsung hero in the world of modulation effects. A rare gem that’s renowned for its mysterious complexity. Flanger BL-20’s hardwa... FX Collection Iconic effects united in a bundle, discover inspiring audio plugins that combine music industry heritage with futuristic features. Audio Effects bundle - 15 effects - Modern features Rev SPRING-636 The bouncy “boing” of a spring reverb has brought joy, soul, and atmosphere to countless records since the technology was devised in the 30s. Now Rev... Dist TUBE-CULTURE Tube distortion mastered Saturate your mix bus with responsive analog heat; scorch your instruments and stems with destructive distortion; enjoy the u... Rev PLATE-140 The silky-smooth, resonant tones of vintage plate reverbs have shaped the sound of many iconic vocal performance, given the drums of best-selling trac... Bus FORCE Your secret sonic weapon Imagine a single effect that can be used on individual tracks, from snare to synth; on your bus channels for beautiful dynami... Comp TUBE-STA The Arturia TUBE-STA gives you a stunning recreation of the stalwart, valve-driven compressor that was the all-American workhorse of early broadcast a... Delay BRIGADE Arturia’s Delay BRIGADE takes the creative, dark BBD analog echo from the pedalboard, and puts it in your DAW, free from the worries of spilled drinks... Rotary CLS-222 Send your sound spinning Bring your sound full circle with the instantly recognizable sound of the rotary effect; discover the iconic spinning charact...
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