Bypass not a true Bypass?

Hello Everybody,

I recently installed the Rev Plate-140 plug in and it sounds great. However, if I put it in bypass there is still a LOT of reverb on the sound and it is only truly off, when you use the “off” button. Is this intentionally?

Hi @DrFrankenkeim and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

This is an odd one for sure.

I use all of the Arturia reverbs myself and have never noticed this, I also have a few friends IRL who use them too and they have never mentioned this either, not too say that you’re not correct of course.

Could you list your OS and DAW for us please so we can investigate?
You can list these in your user profile so they are effectively posted with each post you make, it can be a big help and saves people having to list their spec multiple times. :sunglasses:

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Thank you Mat! I will make those changes to my profile.

I am on macOS Ventura 13.6.1 and us Logic Pro 10.8 as my DAW.

Thanks @DrFrankenkeim

I’ll check this on my own PC based system tomorrow and investigate further…

HI again @DrFrankenkeim

Ok, i’ve just run a test on my own system using a snare sample on the first beat of every bar for four bars.
Loaded an instance of Rev PLATE-140 on an Aux send and set the W/D balance to full wet.
Made the send on the snare channel pre fade, dropped the channel fader to -infinity, put the Rev PLATE-140 into bypass using either the front panel switch or the bypass button on the plugin in Cubase 12 Pro, Win 10 and there is ZERO reverb in the signal, NONE whatsoever on my system. When in bypass i get exactly the same signal as the snare channel with the fader at 0.

If you’re hearing reverb in bypass then it sounds like some kind of OS or DAW related ‘bug’.


Thank you for checking. With my setup the Bypass is still producing a very wet signal. Also, if I set the balance to a 100% dry signal it’s still a very wet signal. Sounds like a case for Arturia customer support? I will reach out to them since I doubt apple will fix it on their end?

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Are you sure you don’t have another reverb affecting that track also? Maybe thru a send?

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You were very close! I figured it out. The reverb was on a stereo track and the plug-in window apparently only controls the one side of the stereo signal (which was not obvious to me initially). So when I hit bypass in only muted the left channel, while the right was still loud and proud verbing. After I found the control (the three dots) and moved it from stereo to side/mid it fixed the issue. Working fine now.


Hey @DrFrankenkeim

Glad to hear everything is as it should be for you now. :sunglasses: