[Feature Request] Arturia FX Rack

Hi there,
I’ve just thought about this and it just sound more and more appealing.

The Arturia FX Rack

A rack VST that serves as the Analog Lab of the FX VSTs.

Currently there’s already lots of different fx collection vsts and it’s becoming increasingly hard to browse all different effects and presets.

→ That’s where FX Rack would come in.

Here’s some of the functionalities it should have/that would be useful:

1. Rack Functionality

→ A system that allows stacking multiple plugin instances on top of each other just like in other rack VSTs/DAWs.

2. Preset Functionality

→ This is the most useful system of the rack.

  • Would allow for creating presets incorporating multiple fx plugins and saving them.

  • It would also allow Arturia to add aditional functionality to the fx collection vsts/make them more attractive.

Cable Guys does this with their Shaperbox for example.

3. An introduction to the #software-effects:fx-collection

There’s huge potential for this to serve as the “Analog Lab”-type plugin for the fx side of vsts.

  • It can be offered in different versions and similar to #software-instruments:analog-lab be offered in a restricted free/lite version that only has limited functionality and limited presets.

  • It can also be offered a lot cheaper and therefore be a perfect bridge/entry point for users that can not/don’t want to pay for the whole FX Collection or a specific plugin.

4. Preset Banks & Hub Functionality

One more feature it could bring is Preset Banks.

  • Both for getting new presets for the individual VSTs as well as Rack Presets
    → This would offer presets that users that dont own most of the FX Collection VSTs can use without needing to buy the whole collection.

5. Backported Analog Lab Improvements

If done right, this VST could also offer a big opurtunity in improving the FX tab of Analog Labs by allowing the “lite” versions of free rack player vst variants/fx collection vsts to be used in it better.

Currious to hear your thoughts on this and other features or improvements I could add to this list.



HI @chris.bauer286 and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

That’s a remarkably detailed request you’ve posted there!

I’ll mark it up as a feature request so our team are aware of it.


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thanks a lot, yeah I put in some time into this haha

… naturally since it’s something I really would like to see

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Well, when they sent out the survey a few months ago, this was one of my recommendations, but to add… I also stated that it would be neat if they added FX slots to Analog Lab and the individual synths. The purpose was to have available internal sound design within one plugin with the synth + FX and have the modulations available in the advanced tabs to automate them simultaneously!

Arturia tends to get these things right. I was hoping that Komplete Kontrol would come around, but Native Instruments currently doesn’t seem to want to innovate and simplify?!

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Yeah I also thought of this,
It would make a lot of sense to develop it in a way to make it work in both plug-ins in some way.

Could also be used in a way as an upgrade to all other vst instruments to allow for „extra fx“ (minimized view) within the instruments itself.

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Nice one - I pretty much do this myself already using Ableton effects racks, but it’d definitely be nice to have something that was not tied to a specific DAW (my preferred workflow is write in Logic then perform in Ableton, but now I work in Ableton more often due to the speed with which I can access my own library of racks).

I would also love to have an FX insert version of Pigments to save having to use the workaround to run external audio tracks into its effects processing engine.


thanks a lot, glad to hear more people than just me would like to see something like this.
would appreciate if you could upvote this btw … :wink:

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