[Feature Request] ability to switch presets by MIDI Program Change

Hello, I’m totally diggin’ your effects and the presets library gives me often inspiration. I often havin’ fun to combine and switch them manually with my mouse.
So I’d like to be able to use some Program Changes (or other means) to allow me to change presets on the fly from a MIDI controller and/or from a midi track in my DAW.

Hi @_ceoneezm and welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

I’m not sure this is actually possible as there are just so many presets in Arturia virtual synths and effects iirc because of the limitations of midi. Iirc there can only be 128 locations per bank with a limit of potentially 128 banks owing to midi being 8 bit, but technically 7bit, again this is iirc.
This might be possible with midi 2.0, but I am not too familiar with midi 2.0 and Arturia doesn’t currently make any midi 2.0 software.

I’ll log as a feature Request though as you never know!

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If we’re talking about a specific effect’s presets, then sure, this is possible by assigning our midi controls to dedicated commands for preset browsing. Here’s a screenshot for such assignment in the remote editor of Cubase, for the Brigade delay. Again, this applies only if we’re talking about presets inside a single FX’s instance.

For the instruments in V Collection, AFAIK there is such system included in each instrument.
I have not checked tor FX Collection but I see no reason it couldn’t be implemented if not ?

Thanks for your answer, sorry I hadn’t seen the notification before.
First, Best wishes for 2024.

Yes I think I was talking about single FX instance.
Thanks for the screenshot, I finally figured out how to transpose it in my DAW (reaper).

However one thing I don’t get yet is what is the parameter that would allow me to select exactly the preset I want ?
I mean when assigning “next preset” or “previous preset” the preset are changing but in a relative way: they seems to move +1 /-1 in the presets list ;
so I’m not sure that I can rely on them to be able to switch during a particular preset.

Except if I’m wrong, theses parameters are mainly suited for the use case of browsing presets from a controller but not really in a recall use case that would be useful live or automated mode.

I was imagining being able to launching a particular midi event that would be assigned to a particular preset and make it selected.

To me the MIDI Program change messages were initially made for that purpose that’s why I asked for them initially.

As an example of the kind of thing I’m asking you can have a look on Waves Metafilter.
And @matjones for the concern of getting more than 127 presets due to 8-bit limitation: perhaps making a mechanism that would allow the user to assign a preset to a particular program change would be flexible enough to solve that case ? (until someone wants to jam with more than 127 in the same song :smiley: )


lol oh totally!

This mechanism exists, it’s the concept of banks of presets, called by bank select MIDI messages. So when a manufacturer has lots of presets, creates banks of 127 presets each : )

You’re not wrong at all!

Yep, it’s what MANY hardware synths have been using for decades now using Bank/Prog change commands.

Something like a ‘Gig Mode’ where the user can organise presets into banks themselves?

That’s exactly what I was initially asking for by opening this thread :slight_smile: