New Forum opinion

So with the new forum, all the “old” topics were deleted?
IMHO the new forum is a huge step back in usability/design. What are the opinions of the others? Or is it just me?


Hello @ImKeller welcome to the Sound Explorers community!

Nothing to worry about the legacy forum, it will remain as a great resource of information and accessible to everyone. Actually you can still access to the legacy forum from the top right menu in this page.

We kindly invite you to let all your feedback about the forum in the dedicated section Forum feedback :radio:

Also we kindly invite you to read our Code of Conduct to get the most from our community!

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I preferred the old forum. This layout seems to waste a whole lot of real estate and I don’t find anything about it intuitive at all.

But…I’m old, maybe i’m resistant to change, this new layout is in unity with the UX / look and feel of the main site Arturia site, and newbies joining won’t know any different in a month’s time.

Despite the old forum being accessible from here, in reality no one will go there for reference, especially newbies who have only know this forum.


Hello @Jon_Vincent welcome to the Sound Explorers community!
We understand your worry and we hope the adaptation will be as smooth as possible.

As you may already noticed the Legacy forum will remain public, accessible to anyone and we won’t delete it, also you’ll be able to share the information from there to here at any time thanks to hyperlinks or just by copy-paste it if accurate.

We highly appreciate all your feedback and hope you understand that we’re adapting to new dynamics on a cutting edge era. That’s why some information needs to be updated and here we are in a new space to welcome all sound explorers.

Also we kindly invite you to read our Code of Conduct to get the most from our community!

Don’t hesitate to get back here if you have questions.

Let’s keep exploring! :zap:

Congrats on the new forum - however it is clear this needs a lot of work.

Starting with bandwidth. Are you guys running this on a 486 computer with a 14.4K modem attached?

I am coming in from Canada on a 1GB dedicated fibre connection and I estimate it took me 20 seconds to just open my forum profile - after waiting about 2 minutes to do a password change.

Every single link in here feels like it’s caked in glue.

Like Arturia License manager a few years ago - if you want this to actually take off - you had better put some better hardware and infrastructure in place.



Form has been given precedence over function.
This looks pretty but takes up a lot of screen real estate. It is less usable, especially on smaller screen devices.


Forum doesn’t work for me using the latest Google Chrome. There seems to be some sort of layer/modal that doesn’t display, yet blocks everything from being interactive. Clicking on any link or trying to scroll nothing happens.
I traced it down to the #d-splash element in the DOM and have to manually override the CSS to get the site working.

#d-splash {
  display: none !important;

Arturia - what is this and why is it preventing me from using the site?

Also as SonicMojo has stated, the forum site is EXTREMELY slow, where any interaction takes 20 seconds or more to complete. Upsized hardware and a CDN are likely required to make this new forum useable.

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Agree 100%. This is unusably s l o w . . . .

Please fix.

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I find this new forum very slow. I hope you can eventually work this out.

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Hi @briantully we’re glad to see you here :zap:
we’re sorry to get to know that GoogleChrome extensions apparently got some compatibility issues with Discourse which is the platform of our forum.

Please check this information that hopefully will help you.

We know the adaptation to the new forum dynamic will get some time.
Be sure that this new virtual space supports a user friendly interface to share media and to range all the information from our products to be find easily. We hope this will go smooth for you soon!

Also we kindly invite you to read our Code of Conduct to get the most from our community!

Let’s keep exploring :control_knobs:

Yeah - a bit slow here too. But I like the feel of the new forum though.


Still - “modern design language” is decrease in functionality. Tons of empty space between the rows with too small font - what a waste of screen space. Earlier the forums used to be places, where we can absorb useful information. Nowadays it’s “airy nordic design” with crack-minded usability. And I have to say - this is not only problem with this forum here. Take Windows 11 for example too - huge buttons with flea-poo-like letters in it.
Arturia! Have courage to be different! I know You already do with Your amazing synthesizers! It’s time to fix the forum for sake of the community!



Parts of the forum works okey for me…

NOT AT ALL pleased with the LINK HANDLING on this FORUM !!!

I find it very frustrating that it chooses to HIDE your new topic post, if you have more than two links to the same DOMAIN…

if I have two links to a domain in my NEW TOPIC POST, like ex: category33/resource?download=ResourceLike1.mp3 category44/ resource?download=ResourceToo2.mp3

then this forums sees that as two links pointing to “
and ignores the rest of the path of the link, and you get a warning similar to

sure you want to post 2 links to the same page? you should not post two links to the same domain!

Then you think, ok, let me post the third link in a new post REPLY so that you follow the warning you got, telling you to not have too many links in a post. This should be fine, right, but NO !!

Posting that third link in a new post reply like ex: category88/ resource?download=ResourceIs3.mp3

The forum chooses to automatically HIDE your new topic post, and makes sure nobody sees it! Then days later, maybe, a human users comes along and opens/un-hides only the the last new post REPLY that triggered the FORUM to hide your new topic post, but it does not make your new topic post visible again, only the last new post reply that triggered the FORUM to hide your new post topic gets visible - to you, the poster.

But not opening the first post “the new topic” post with the first two links in it, makes sure that NO ONE, ever sees your new topic post.

I have one such invisible new topic post, that was hidden, and only the followup new post reply was opened by a human user, after days of waiting, but the main new topic post still remains hidden.

So, If you by accident, have a problem, and need to show people 3 different files, lets say, a video, a music file, and a music project file, all links pointing to the same server, as you more then likely only have access to one service where you can upload.

You’ll only ever be able to post 2 of those resources, for people to see, or else your new topic post will be hidden from all, and thus “sensored”, so that no one ever sees it.

This caused me a lot of wasted time, writing a detailed post, linking to resources that could make someone able to solve my problem, only to have my NEW TOPIC post and my follow-up detailed reply’s HIDDEN! Man, all the extra work I had to do, to re-post, and to find a way around the link restrictions. As I needed to share more than 3 links, to the same DOMAIN (or cloud server).

So please, let people post several links to the same domain/server, and analyze the FULL LINK, not just the domain it points to. Compare the full links to each other, so that you that way can avoid spam to the same exact same link, if that is the concern of this forum.

It sure wasted a lot of my time, costed me extra time and energy to re-post (the problem in a different manner), and almost discouraged me from wanting to use the forum!

What saved you as a forum, was a great user, who actually found a possible solution to my problem, after I had to more cleverly re-post the problem.
This gave me faith in the users of this forum!
I still strongly dislike the link handling!!

Imagine another scenario: you want to post follow-up-video’s, where you show the result of different tests you do to try to fix the problem, but the video’s are to big for the forum, so you upload to that same cloudserver, 3 or 4 video’s and bam! topic gets hidden! Would be quite sad, and almost happened to me!

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Other than that, great forum, with great users!
It works, we can post problems, and can get answers.

I also do second the small fonts, and the wasted white-space, but it also looks nice, maybe nicer with one or two sizes larger fonts!

Now that I learned about the legacy forum, I’ll take a look at that too, because coming here as a new user, I was shocked as to how little posts were here, on each topic.

That could maybe have been mentioned somewhere, easily seen, for new members of the forum, while we sign up - the fact that there is a legacy forum!

I like this platform. I am familiar with it because Steinberg moved over to it a few year back. I have found it very intuative and easy to use. The text editor is great too – allowing links and screen shots etc to easy be dropped in.


Since this is my fifth forum using Discourse (GitHub, Steinberg, BFD, Waves) I’m pretty used to the format by now. Although I will say, Arturia has customized theirs more than the others, so there is still a little learning involved.
I think if you give it a chance, you’ll find it works pretty well.

My favorite feature of Discourse is how easy it is to just paste in pictures and screen caps! That’s a huge advantage in troubleshooting - a picture’s worth a thousand words.


Hey @alexdata thanks for all your comments :pray:

Most of the restrictions you have being awarded are Discourse security level :man_police_officer:, we’re sorry but apparently you were so fast posting!

If you didn’t already, we kindly invite you to please read our Code of Conduct to get the most from our community!

Let’s keep this place as a nice source of knowledge for all Sound Explorers :zap:

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You’re right @SF_Green :zap:
Getting use to new forum dynamics it’s much appreciated with images.

Thanks for your feedback :metal:

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Hey @wildschwein it’s nice to see you here!
Indeed now we can improve the text editor thanks to markdown :zap:

If you didn’t already, we kindly invite you to please read our Code of Conduct to get the most from our community!

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I read (and followed) both the “code of conduct” and the “community guidelines” before I posted that topic/post!

So you are saying that because I quickly posted a reply to my own topic, it was marked as SPAM? Interesting!
(“Same IP posting many posts to same forum topic within a minute- to translate into another similar meaningful statement)

Should not a human moderator - read the topic then, and confirm that I indeed did not spam it with promotional / advertisement type content?
And that I was on topic (with - my own topic) ?

Today my post in question was “removed by staff”, without violating any of the written conduct/guidelines mentioned, when we click those two links and read those rules. It was simply removed because I replied to my own post to fast, something you are the first to mention, I do not find that written in the guidelines, nor in the code-of-conduct.

Thanks for letting me know about that extra thing, @nats.arturia so I can be aware of it when posting to my own topics going forward. I would not want more of my topics to be hidden and deleted in the future.