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Congrats’ :wink:


Thanks @rcmusic! Glad to see you here! :zap:

I like it but it seems a shame you were unable to migrate the content of the legacy forum to here. There is so much knowledge in that place from established ‘fonts of knowledge’ such as LBH, and mostly it will all be lost to history.


Welcome @Jon_Vincent !

The content of the legacy forum is a goldmine of information, so don’t worry it will always remain accessible!

Just check this article: How to find the legacy forum? :wink:

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Hi, The UI has become very user-friendly now, as it has the same atmosphere as the official website!


Welcome @yaegassy , glad to read that you like our new Sound Explorers Community forum! :rocket:

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MUCH more modern and snappier than the old site. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


Always getting better @matjones :zap:
Let’s keep exploring!

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Oh i know… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lets see how the new forum plays out - too soon to tell, but in one way a welcome ‘upgrade’.
Arturial rules and managing a forum is never easy :wink:

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Hola @HarlequinX we’re glad to see you here! :zap:

We hope this brand-new interface will help everyone to find the information easily and keep the collective knowledge accessible.

Let’s keep exploring :control_knobs:

Can you make logins more persistent? If there’s a way to configure it to be more relaxed generally or as a user preference that’d be great. I’d prefer to stay logged in on multiple devices for several days at least.

Otherwise the new forum looks great and I like that you’re using the Discourse platform.

I was thinking, is there any chance the forum will implement those tasty 1990s-2000s forum emoticons? I am talking about these dudes:


Is there a list of the allowed attachment file types in this forum?

I noticed in “About the Your sound category” it says “we only allow posting formats from our software and hardware instruments”. I just tried uploading a mbpz file (MatrixBrute patch) and I couldn’t select it. Is it an intentional omission or an oversight?