V Collection Preset troubleshooting please?

Hey all

So I just got the V collection a couple days back and I fell in love just playing with the first few plug ins.

Then I proceeded to download the entire set and now only the very first preset pops up in each one and I can’t even see the rest of them, super strange and frustrating

Im on a Mac - Big Sur 11.7.10 and have tried rebooting, reinstalling and everything in between

any help is appreciated! thanks!


Hi Mike,

Can you share a screenshot of this happening ? the “can’t see the rest of them”?

Have you activated all your licenses in the Arturia Software Center? Sometimes people (including myself!) forget to activate on top of downloading the plug-in.


Hi Lily

sure thing, here is the activation screen that shows they are activated (again it opens on my DAW just doesn’t show any presets after the very first one on each plug in)

see second picture below

and here is the Acid plug in showing nothing in the drop down menu, I only see the very first preset in it and every other one is the same issue

Hi @mikeymikey44 ,

Your preset database file might be corrupt.
I suggest you try to delete the db.db3 file located in your main preset folder on the path set for your resource folder in Arturia Software Center.
Then open Analog Lab and let it be open some time while the database file rebuild.


you are a lifesaver! thank you so much!!!

I really appreciate it, back to jammin! =)

We need to have this fix pinned on the main forum page. “Preset problems? Try this first!” :smiley:


Yes it’s certainly a fix for many things. :smiley:

The above FAQ have been there for very long time. It has’nt been updated to the fact that people no longer need to have the files on the same path.

You are welcome @mikeymikey44

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indeed, when in doubt, delete “db.db3” :slight_smile: