Stuck notes?

Hi. I did write arturia about this but thought I’d try here too.

Im getting lots of stuck notes in Analog lab, both standalone and in DAW (logic pro). I was worried it was my keyboard (essential 88 mk 2), but it’s not happening with other plug ins.

It’s fairly random. Quitting-opening again resets it some. But after a 5-10 minutes, notes just start sticking. And it’s seemingly random notes.

This started after the last update (Mac m2 Ventura), support I think for the Astrolab. Restored hardware defaults for controller, all the other usual stuff. Anyone else?


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Hi Michael,

please take a look at this post: [Bug] Analog Lab V middle C in the middle octave key sticks when played - #3 by matjones

This is a known bug in the newest version - for now we have to downgrade to the previous and stable version …

Kind regards,

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Hi Mike,

Thanks so much. You posted just before Arturia responded and told me it’s a known bug, etc. What you already knew. I really appreciate you taking time to write. I do hate the idea of desinstalling. I feel like I end up losing patches or other things even if I follow the ways that supposedly back them up.

Take care, thanks again