[Bug] Analog Lab V middle C in the middle octave key sticks when played

Hi I am using Analog Lab Pro / V to find the instruments I wanna use, but latest version keeps a certain key stuck when I play.

It’s the middle C in the middle octave.

Took me a while to notice, but version (x64) running on Windows 10 suffers from this.

I have tried to switch USB port and cable, to check if I had a bad connection, but its always only C.

Then I found my old Analog Lab 4 … and… trada… this has no hanging/sustaining C note - with the exact same USB and MIDI keyboard.

Please fix this asap Arturia, I really want to be able to play on my keyboard with my Analog Lab V

  • I use it as “instrument selector” in my DAW too.

Cheers and thanks for a growing collection!


same Problem here - running on a Mac. I contacted support and got a link to downgrade to the previous version of Analog Lab … worked!

'Think they are working on a fix.

Cheers …

Hi @BerggreenDK and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Thanks for letting us know about this, i’ll mark it up as a bug as @mikehaui has been in touch with support already, this will let them know it’s not just affecting Macs.


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@Arturia Support: please can you provide a link to the previous version (PC/Mac) and a short guide how to downgrade here to the audience?

I think many other would be thankful for this …

Best regards,

Same problem in windows 10, i had to use the panic button often…
i downgraded to the previous version…


Thanks for letting us know!