Minifreak V hangs/crashes in all situations since update

I’ll describe the problem as detailed as possible and share everything I’ve found out so far.

Since Minifreak V update it hangs after about 15 seconds. I think I’ve seen it become responsive again for a while, only to become unresponsive soon after.

This happens regardless of:

  • Whether I have the hardware connected or not
  • Whether sync/link is on or not
  • In both the VST (Ableton 11) and the stand-alone version

I’m using Windows 10. I have already tried the following:

  • Reinstall Minifreak V
  • Clear the “prefs”
  • Reinstall Arturia Software Center

Further observations

  • Minimizing the standalone version immediately hangs it.
  • Having the window lose and regain focus immediately hangs it.
  • Re-installing the previous version of MiniFreak V (version 1.0.0…) fixes the issue (but that’s no longer an option for me, see note below).
  • The CPU display in the corner stays at a healthy 15%, but one CPU core is maxed out when the unresponsiveness sets in. I have a modern system and it works fine for the first moments. Then the unresponsive/maxed out phase kicks in:


Again, I’m using Windows 10. My DAW is Live 11, but that shouln’t matter since it’s also in stand-alone. I have the hardware but it also happens without the hardware involved.

I haven’t been able to make music since Monday. This is because I’ve upgraded the hardware to version 2 as well. I had a LOT of trouble installing that firmware, with the synth becoming sort of bricked for a while. I was able to restore it after many tries. So I don’t want to risk downgrading the hardware’s firmware to the previous version. But that also means that I have to use the new MiniFreak V (since otherwise linking will not work).

So I’m now stuck because I cannot downgrade, and this version does not work. Any help is much appreciated!

HI @Square and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

Sorry to read this, in order to help you better please log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap:

Thanks! I’ve tried that (ticket n°910442) but I haven’t had a response in 2 days, so I was hoping to find a solution here.

Perhaps they’re very busy right now, I can understand that.

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What buffer size is your soundcard at? Not sure if this helps, but I’ve had issues with certain buffer sizes and the plugin…

Thanks for the reply, since your comment I tried all options (and different drivers), with no difference.

Hi @Square

Have you heard anything back from support yet?
I do know they’re quite busy currently and of course there are holidays on the horizon too, so it might take a little longer I’m afraid.

Thanks for checking in,
It’s been a week now since I’ve created the ticket and although I’ve received two follow up questions, I haven’t had a response recently and heard no outlook for a resolution.

As mentioned, I haven’t been able to make music since Monday and I’m hoping for a swift solution (or some outlook or communication on what to expect otherwise).

How are things going?
Have you simply given up and abandoned making music (I don’t believe that ;-)) or have you eventually found a solution?

Mind posting it here (so others can benefit too)?