Is it possible to use Augmented Brass inside Analog Lab V?

Is it possible to use Augmented Brass inside Analog Lab V? I use Analog Lab on a Mac Mini and control it from Keylab 49 MkII, I don’t use monitor when live.

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I’m nobody official, but I use Augmented Brass, Aug Strings, Aug Voices inside Analog Labs V. I’ve just scratched the surface of its potential as a live performance software tool.

Good luck with your ALV experiments

Wonderful! Can you please explain how did you do that? I mean how did you install Augment Brass inside Analog Lab V?

Thank you!!!

You’re the second person to ask me that. Let me read the manual and find out if I accidentally had a software setting that caused it to automagically capture all of my Arturia soft synths without me deliberately doing anything. Here’s a link to the manual in English

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Do you own the Augmented Brass application or Soundpacks for Analog Lab?

When a Arturia application is installed normally, then it’s presets also are available in Analog Lab.
No need to install the application inside Analog Lab.

If you own the full application a preset is created with, then you can open the full application inside Analog Lab (as well as by it self) and edit the preset using all parameters.
To open the instrument to edit the sound in the full application - click Open Instrument Name. See screenshot.


Hi, very good advise! I was waiting for this information before buying it. I will buy Augmented Brass and try. Thank you!!!

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You’re welcome.