[Feature Request] please make the next/previous preset buttons work in "User" bank


It’s frustrating that the up/down arrows do not work when you filter the presets with your personal “User” bank. Please allow us to use them. Each time you click, it just loads the first preset of that bank. There is no reason to prevent the user from changing presets with these buttons.

Thank you,


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Hi @creal

Thanks for your feature request, indeed it could be nice this improvement.

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

Thank you @matjones

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What feature excactly are you missing? I seem to have it allready, the way i understand you.

Do you mean when clicking with the mouse on the next/ previous arrows?

It work fine here in user banks - also when preset are filtered with the USER switch.

It’s possible, that when you use filtering, that the selected presets is’nt among the filtered presets. In that case the top preset is selected at first click but step at the next click. I personally don’t see anything wrong or missing in this behavior.

It’s the same, if i use computer arrows in Explore view or using assigned midi CC to the buttons.

I don’t have a Arturia controller to see how pre assigned buttons work, but i assume that work fine as well as my midi CC.

The only place i unfortunately can’t use the computer arrows and only the computer arrows is in Store mode. This i wish was fixed/ added.

I’m on Windows.


Yes, I mean clicking with the mouse but also with computer keyboard arrows (I never used CC to change presets). It does not work at all in any of the instruments of V Collection (and Pigments), both standalone and plugin versions. I don’t understand why because you assess that it works for you. I did a fresh install on another Windows 11 computer and the problem is absent. So there is definitely an issue with my main config. Maybe it’s also related to my “bank save” issue: How can I change the default bank when saving?

Both problems solved. It was related to symbolic links.

If you plan to use them, please refer to the first “User” preset folder located in Arturia\Presets*instrument* (and not the subfolder also called “User”).

I understand the issues seems to be solved.

Have we discussed the use of symbolic links in the legacy forum quite some time ago @creal ?
I believe i’ve said it in my opinion could cause issues.

To me a link will be called before the actual file that’s being called by the link. To me that sound like links are located where original files has been removed from manually.
I wonder how things are installed, and what happens when there are updates, upgrades and soundpacks being installed or presets imported. The updates will use the Ressource folder path where the links seems to be located instead of the real files.
Are one or two installs used? I can see possible update troubles in any case. But i have’nt tried to so this.
If you can get it to work properly over time, then good for you.
But i wonder how you keep things in order. It seem to at least require some manual work over time. Perhaps you have some automatic way to do this.

BTW FYI: I allways use Windows accounts with administrator rights.

I can’t remember if we already discussed symbolic links.

The issue happened since I recently changed the location of symbolic links: it works very well one level above (the preset user folder instead of the bank subfolder). It was a wrong idea to change it just to avoid organizing user presets one level deeper in my SSD.

I organize all my stuff to make backups very easy and quick. So all of my presets are stored in another drive. For Arturia, it’s complicated because presets are stored in the resources folder which I cannot copy each time I want to do a backup. This is why I use symbolic links.

The best option would be to let the user choose a personal preset folder (for each instrument, or for all of them), something that Native Instruments has been offering for about twenty years now.

Must have been someone else then.

Thanks for the info.