How can I change the default bank when saving?


I don’t why, but now when I’m saving a preset in Pigments (with “save” or “save as”), it automatically chooses the “Pigments” bank. I’d like to get back to the previous behavior, which chose “User”.

It’s a real problem because I located all of my Arturia presets in a specific folder (using symbolic links) on my computer. So when I am editing a preset and I want to save it, the new file will be located in the default folder, and most of the time it creates confusion AND corruption (the edits are lost).

Therefore, my question is: How can I change the default bank, please?

I also noticed that 4 banks are in the drop-down menu although I am only using one bank, which is “User”. Maybe I just have to delete the three other ones, but I don’t know how to do either. I hope I don’t have to remove the database file.

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Hi @creal an welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Before you hit ‘save as’, enter another name in the ‘Author’ field, that will create a new bank for you. You can then save to that one.

Thank you very much for your reactivity.

In fact, it’s very weird because it only happens in Pigments. When I try to save a preset in ARP 2600 for example, it automatically chooses the “User” bank.

For your information, most of my “User” presets are factory presets that I liked and tweaked. So I left the author’s name but I chose the “User” for each.

The weird parts are that:

  • It still shows “Pigments” (or ARP 2600, etc.) in the bank field.
  • I cannot change the author’s field (called “DESIGNE”, by the way). It always gets back to the original author’s name

I tried to “save as” with a different author name and selecting “User” bank, but that didn’t solve the problem. When I use this preset again, the bank is still “Pigments” then when I hit “save” it saves the presets to the wrong location (the original “Pigments” preset folder location).

HI @creal
Ok, that does seem a little strange and sounds like a bug.
We will let our team know about this in order to add it to their priorities and they will contact you.

Please let us know if you find any other issue.

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Thank you very much @matjones

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I can not reproduce any of this.

When i use “Save As” for a Factory preset, then the USER bank is the default bank name in the Bank attribute.
And i can change attributes for the presets too. Can you name a preset you can’t do this for?
Is the presets you try to save comming from commerciel soundpacks that has’nt been included with Pigments or have been free? I can imagine some kind of protection in some cases.

When i for example save presets from my own banks using “Save As”, then that bank name is in the Bank attribute by default. This include a Bank name User.

You will have Bank names that are used for a preset somewhere in any Arturia application. When no Arturia presets in any application is using the bank, then it should vanish from the list automaticly.

Thanks for your feedback LBH.

I did a fresh install on another Windows 11 and everything seems to work correctly. So I have a problem with my main PC, which is a pity. Maybe my db is just corrupted. I don’t know how, why, or when, but it’s a possibility.

I can’t change anything in the info panel (author, bank, attributes), it always gets back to the original value. And I don’t have “User” bank by default when saving. The other banks that appear in the drop-down menu do not exist in any of my presets.

What can I do?

Please note that it’s my working computer and I need it in good health every day for me and my clients.

It sounds like it MIGHT be some kind of ‘permissions’ issue with your old machine.
Did you set things up as ‘run as administrator’ and then run without ‘admin privileges’?

Thanks for your reply. Maybe this is a problem with symbolic links I made. But I never had this issue before.

Please tell me what removing db.db3 file does imply. This is another potential solution.

Hi @creal
The ‘db.db3’ file is the database for your arturia products’ presets and, like many other softwares, occasionally it can become problematic and so trashing and rebuilding can sometimes fix certain issues.

Do you have your Arturia software installed to default locations or have you manually changed them and used symbolic links?
If so, this could well be causing issues, i tried this myself in the past, had problems and found it better to use ASC to manage my install locations.
Just a thought…

My resources folder is located on a specific drive, where all my other audio libraries are installed.

I have used this method since 2021, with symbolic links that point to another specific drive, and everything ran smoothly until last week.

So my symbolic links do not refer to libraries (the resources path is defined in ASC) but to user preset folders.

I have my Arturia resources folder on a separate, internal SSD and was experiencing issues some months ago, admittedly not the same issues as yourself; but when i decided to reinstall using ASC to handle ALL locations the issues stopped.
It might be an idea to give this a try?

Problems solved!

It was a problem caused by Symbolic Links.

What I was doing: point the Arturia\Presets\Pigments(for example)\User\User folder to another location. This created conflicts because my presets were read as “Pigments” bank. I could not change any attribute or just play next/previous presets with the dedicated arrows. Older bank names appeared though presets were not present anymore.

What I am doing now: point the …Pigment\User folder to another location. It will create a subfolder with every bank name you save.

I have the impression that Pigments messed up because after deleting the database, every product worked. When I tested Pigments, the issue raised back.

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We got there in the end :grinning:

Glad to see you’re sorted now!

Same reply as i give here: [Feature Request] please make the next/previous preset buttons work in "User" bank - #7 by LBH