[Feature Request] NKS Support for Analog Lab V

I love the Komplete Kontrol NKS integration of Pigments, Augmented Strings and CS-80V. Will Arturia ever make Analog Lab V NKS compatible. I’ve switched to using only NKS-managed VSTs and that means I am not even using Analog LABs stuff


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Hi, I own the v-collection and all its instruments are nks compatible (as you’ve mentioned for the CS-80). Now, I know you’re talking about the Analog Lab V, and here’s a link for an nks lib of it (NOT freeware): Arturia Analog Lab 5 NKS Library for Komplete Kontrol \ Maschine .

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I also bought Native Instrument keys, S49Mk2, and appreciate its usage with their KK plugin or standalone. Arturia has provided good NKS libs for its V-Collection and I appreciate also but I am missing the NKS files for its sounds and loops packs.
I want to buy a 61 keys controller and was disappointed that the new Keylab mk3 series are not able to manage directly NKS files, managing only Analog Lab plugin.
I understand it would have been complex to make Analog Lab V (or 6) NKS ready and a replacement for Komplete Kontrol, but as Arturia has chosen the way of delivering NKS libs for its products, they should logically extend their effort to offer an Analog Lab plugin and controllers which manage NKS…

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Hello my friend, note that without collaborating with NI, a seamless integration would probably be impossible, except if the devs go for a reverse engineering approach, and I’m not sure if this would be legal. The thing is that Komplete Kontrol talks with the supported devices (their devices that is) using a usb daemon and not the midi port. It would be fairly easy for Arturia to follow this, IF NI extends the supported devices list to Arturia’s products family and share the protocol needed. But I don’t see this coming any time soon, since this is a sell point for their devices, while at the same time, I’m not even sure that Arturia would actually want to dive into it, since they obviously care (and that’s their sell point and I totally get it) for their own plugins.

I do own a Keylab MK2, a Komplete Kontrol MK2 and lately a Novation SL MK3. The latest was bought exactly to force myself into experimenting with presets browsing outside of the NKS and AL wrappers. So far, I have gone into properly reading the databases of these wrappers, use the controller to browse through categories/types etc, but then, and here’s the weak point of my implementation, I have to use one-two mouse clicks (sent to the VST’s UI by the controller) and some keystrokes (again sent from the controller). I don’t like this, but for now I don’t have a way to talk with the wrappers in a straight way. In the very near future, I will build my own wrapper and see what this can lead to, though the perfect would be to load the native plugins instead of wrapping them.

Oh well, at the end of the day, categories browsing always tends to be faster using our mouse :slight_smile:

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Well, what is Komplete Kontrol but just a VST host, OK ?
What is Analog Lab but another VST Host ?

No need for James Bond like gadgets or Elon Musk x-ray vision on human futur to complement these tools to be able to manage nks files.
And see : Steinberg (where you made interesting scripts proposal) 's Cubase/Nuendo Media Bay, isn’t it exactly this, even Analog Lab owns similar tool to some extend. So not rocket science for pro developers as the one in these companies.

Ideally an International Standard should be published and respected by all companies, in order to help users and develop market. If NI won’t bring its own techno, Arturia, Steinberg and others should make a proposal…