[Feature Request] Easier MIDI Controller Mapping In Analog Lab V Standalone Mode

There is a degree of assistance in mapping MIDI devices inside the better DAW platforms (Reaper, Ableton Live, et cetera), but not so much when running virtual synthesizers in standalone mode.

Analog Lab V has so many features beneath the surface so if we could just add one more, until we get MIDI 2.0 plug-n-play and other features start to appear?

Life would be so much easier having just a wee bit of automated assistance in Arturia Analog Lab V synths for mapping MIDI control switches, expression pedals, and guitar controllers that don’t neatly fit inside universally presumed keyboard profiles.

Oh, and an added bonus would be the option of a Virtual Fretboard alternative to the common Virtual Keyboard.

Thank you

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Hey @Muiren nice to see you around!

We will let to know your feedback to our Analog Lab team to add it to the long list of request.
Updating features is a quite complex process, we are working hard in order to get the best experience for you, please be patient :love_you_gesture: We really appreciate your ideas!

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Let’s keep exploring :zap:

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