[Feature Request] Create a Hybrid Presets Filter Switch Like the User Preset Switch

This came up during a current forum discussion.
I wish Analog Labs had another filter switch that automagically reveals all Hybrid presets, like the one you already included for User created presets.

Also, could someone share a best practices video tutorial on how to construct Hybrid Presets for Analog Labs and create one if it doesn’t exist?

Thank you so much :ok_hand:t5:

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It allready excist under the Instrument selector. It’s called Multi. See screenshot.

Please consult the full section “4. STUDIO VIEW” in Analog Lab V manual to learn about Multies.



Yes, but I rarely use that view because it doesn’t display preset names. Having it modelled on the User Preset toggle switch is more useful for anyone examining many presets at once.

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You have misunderstood. It’s not just a pretty useless view.

The moment you click on that Multi icon, then you should only see Multi presets in Explore view browser, and not all other presets. It’s a part of the filter preset and sorting options. You can sort even further using other filtering and sorting options in Analog Lab. Arturias preset browsers are very powerful.
Did you click on the Multi icon? What happened? if it for some reason did’nt change to explore view, then click Explore in the left panel.

Keep in mind, that if you click the selected Icon again, then you unfilter.


I second this idea by Murien! (right now it seems like we need to save an existing preset, and then change it, and save it again - or are there better methods of doing this?)

Thanks LBH! Good to know it exists a way, and how to use it, so until a switch may (or may not) appear, we can at least use this way of doing it.

I agree, it is more streamlined to have a switch at the top.
More easily figured out, than figuring out that “multi” was not an unknown instrument, after all.

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The Instrument menu is a collection of switches that in essense have the same functionality as the User switch. They are just shown as icons.
It make sense to have the MULTI switch together with other instruments and not separately. And it make sense to have the User switch separately.
You can combine filters to narrow down the result.

Figuring out what a MULTI is, is an essense of what Analog Lab can add to create Analog Lab instruments, and be more than a common browser for other instruments presets. So it’s basicly about learning to use Analog Lab.

I’m sure you don’t intend to sound condescending or dismissive, but I disagree.
However, if you have test results on Analog Labs Ui/Ux design that support your opinion, I’m of course, always open to reconsidering.

I’m giving my opinion. I don’t need any test results to proove anything. Arturia have made a design decission. Probably not out of the blue. I add my arguments.

Multies are presets that can contain 2 presets from other instruments to make another instrument (Sound).
If the Multi filter is placed outside the Instruments menu, then one would think it also could filter a previous instrument filtering further, and that’s not the case - but it is with the User switch, as you can have User Multies.

Analog Lab presets does’nt have to contain 2 presets. Right now single instrument Analog Lab presets are named after the single instrument and is filtered as such. But that can be confusing, as they are Analog Lab presets like this thread show: Some Analog Lab Piano V3 presets don't show up in Piano V3 (solved) .
One could find it confusing that a single instrument like a Pigments Analog Lab presets is’nt found when filtering Pigments instrument. But as it should have added some Analog Lab stuff to be saved as Analog Lab preset, then i would say it’s a Analog Lab instrument, so i find it confusing it’s not filtered as a Analog Lab instrument.
I think we should have a Analog Lab and a Analog Lab Multi instrument filter, where Analog Lab is single instrument Analog Lab presets, and then it should be possibile to save the used original preset in such without adding another instrument first.

No matter what then Multies at the moment is a certain instrument category with instruments/ presets that contain 2 sounds.
It make sense The Multi switch is where it is.
It could make sense to have the Multi filter outside the instruments menu, if we had a Analog Lab filter that contain of all presets saved as Analog Lab presets. Then the multi should only be visible, when that instrument was filtered, as only Analog Lab presets can be Multies, or the instrument drop down menu should go away, if the Multi switch is enabled. One should still know about what a Multi is to understand this. It’s more complicated to have the Multi filter out side the instruments.

Let me ask you - what is a Multi to you? By your posts in the forums i understand you consider them to be blends of 2 sounds/ instruments. If you don’t see Multi instruments only contain 1 sound/ instrument, then i can’t see, why you think the design is wrong now.
This topic is created as a feature request for a filter switch. That switch allready excist. Why should it be placed elsewhere?
What back up your opinion?

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You can get all presets called Hybrid when you type hybrid in the AL search box. Hybrid is not a strict type.
I may be wrong but I think it depends on the designer’s feeling. You have Choir, Real Choir, Synth Choir, and maybe one day Dirty Choir :upside_down_face:.