Some Analog Lab Piano V3 presets don't show up in Piano V3 (solved)

Windows 11.
The (two) Piano V3 presets in Vangelis Tribute 3 don’t show up in Piano V3.
It’s unusual since all other presets in Vangelis Tribute show up in their respective instruments (Stage V2, Cs-80 V4, Prophet5 V, Matrix-12 V, etc. ).
I find it easier to tweak presets in Piano V3 and these two upright piano presets by Katsunori Ujiie san are very interesting.
I tried resetting db3.db and reinstalled Piano V3 to no avail.

Hi Francoise,

I don’t have that soundpack. But in the Analog Lab soundstore i can see there are no Piano V3 presets in that pack.
If you mean the Chariots of Fire Piano and the Memories of Green Piano, then both are saved as Analog Lab presets. That’s why they don’t show in Piano V3. But i will assume you can edit the Piano throug Analog Lab allready. Also you should be able to save the piano as a Piano V3 preset through the menu in the top right side of the browser in explore view, - just remember you only save the raw piano sound, no Analog Lab effects used or other things from the Analog Lab preset.

I can’t see, if the piano in those presets actually is a Piano V3. But i assume it is. Sound like it.

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Thank you LBH!

Yes, the presets can be be edited and saved as Analog Lab but only as Analog Lab presets. I tried renaming the extension and import the saved presets. It does not work.
It’s a bit unusual considering the other instruments presets all appear in their respective instrument (there’s only one preset for OP-Xa V in this pack and it shows in OP-Xa V). When edited in Analog Lab, it appears in Piano V3. It may be an incomplete description in the presets.

I did not want to file a bug report since it’s a minor glitch. I like the Upright pianos in Piano V3. When tweaked, they sound as good as the U4 upright piano in Pianoteq. It ssaves me 65$ Can. I liked the Green upright piano by Katsunori Ujiie.

I often use Piano V3 or Pianoteq (or Analog Lab) in standalone with Addictive drums and Ample sound bass. I once crashed Windows when having too many instances opened. My first Windows 11 crash. I presume it was a memory overload.

Hi francoise,

In Analog Lab preset you should be able to save each part during the menu i mention, and save the piano part as a Piano V3 preset.
Perhaps the relevant Analog Lab presets even use two Piano V3 presets each? I will guess they use Analog Lab functionality and/ or effects, since the presets are not saved as Piano V3 presets.

Also you can edit Analog Lab presets part instruments in the full applications through Analog Lab using the edit (Open Instrument (Piano))functionality, when you own the full application and have the correct version for the preset installed on your computer. That should also be possible in this case.

I attach screenshots.


You are right, LBH! :clap:

It can be done if you create a multi (eg. with Green Piano and something else) and save the part 1 or 2 as Green piano. It will then appear as a user preset in Piano V3 that you can edit. It seems to be the only workaround.

Strange behavior and I wonder how you figured it out.

There’s still a bug in Piano V3 (in Windows?). If I switch off from User and click on Banks, the only bank shown is User. If I restart Piano V3, I have Factory and three other banks shown alongside User.
In the Piano Imaginarium bank, there are four solo pianos (and many in multis). Only one piano is shown in Piano V3.


Thanks, I was wondering about that myself.

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I guess we shouldn’t be wondering; I think there is something wrong with Piano V3’s handling of banks.

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The presets that don’t show up in Piano V are saved as Analog Lab presets. Such presets do not show up in Piano V.
The Piano V preset used in the Analog Lab preset can have another name in Piano V. But it can also be a edited one, so it’s not in Piano V, because it have’nt been saved as a Piano V preset.
The problem is, that the “Save Part” is’nt available, when a Analog Lab preset only contain one sound. I think they should be available. As it is now, then as soon as you touch a Analog Lab parameter, then it will not be possible to save individual presets, unless you have two instruments in a Multi, and can use the “Save Part” feature. To me that’s a annoying, and a bug in Analog Lab.
I wish Arturia add the “Save Part” feature to Analog Lab presets that only contain one instrument.


I admit I never used the “Part 1-2, Save as” in a Multi.
I still think a solo Piano V3 preset should appear in Piano V3 as is the case with other instruments.
Anyway you found the solution, Mr. Holmes. :grinning: