Analog Lab V

I kinda feel like I wasted money upgrading the Analog Lab from the intro to full version. The Keystep Pro isn’t even an option to select, how is this possible when both products are from Arturia? It’s very frustrating to say the least and I’ve seen others mention this conundrum elsewhere.

How do I get the keystep pro to play nicely with Analog Lab V?

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Exactly why I mentioned it as a suggestion for an update to the KSP and BSP, too.

Simply doesn’t feel right that Arturia abandons both devices completely, especially when it comes to integration with their own software products.

It seems like they copy(cat) the NI strategy on this one… maybe not so surprising after all. But again, it drives loyal customers away.


Just received an e-mail on the ‘brand new’ Analog Lab V… uh… Pro! A free-of-charge update that offers a shiny new Main View.

Okay… so no other changes? Let’s discover more on the product page (before installing an eye-candy update on a working production machine).

Oh… they’ve got you covered with Arturia’s own keyboard line of products, including the KeyStep.

So, did they listen to their users or just fuzzy marketing crap?

It really is baffling what they are doing here.

I own Analog Lab V and V Collection. The Analog Lab V has just upgraded itself to Analog Lab Pro, but they are also offering me Analog Lab Pro for $69.

I own the product already. This makes me feel like there’s some extra thing that is offered by the upgrade, but nothing is clear what that is.

Why offer me something they know I already own?

I also have Analog Lab V and the V Collection and just updated ALV to the Pro version. I am also getting an offer of $69 to “upgrade” but I think this is just an error. I know that 89 new presets were added after I updated, but I have no idea what they are.

I didn’t see the Keystep Pro as one of the selectable options for hardware either. I just don’t understand how they can have software, hardware, but not have built in support for their own hardware in their own software. Someone has dropped the ball here.

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Totally agree! Hopefully the release of Chroma will change their minds. Will say it again, integrating the controls and sequencers of the KSP (and BSP) with the included Analog Lab (and Pro or V Collection for multi synths) would be unique! From a business development perspective a smart move, too. Simply a different audience then the orther DAW focused controller keyboards.