Midi mapping KSP (and/or BSP) for use with Analog Lab


I’m looking for standard midi mappings for using the BeatStep Pro (and also the BeatStep Pro) with Analog Lab. There are multiple mappings available from settings, but none specific for these Arturia devices.

Should they be downloaded somewhere or do I need to create this myself?

Ps. it seems the same goes for individual instruments like Acid V or Pigments, etc.

Hi @MaikR,

You shall create your own mappings as it is.

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This I don’t understand. Yes I do, from a pure commercial point of view, but only when a company has its focus on a very short horizon.

The Arturia family consists of some decent standalone controllers, the KeyStep Pro and BeatStep Pro. Both have of them have a dedicated controller mode.

When they would support (and market) those a little bit better, they would serve another audience that could ALSO be interested in upgrading to the full Analog V and/or V Collection series of software.

After the release of Kontrol 3.0 there’s an interesting discussion going on at the NI community forums. Especially after they announced Kontrol Keyboard MK1 to be EOL.It raises the question if all those dedicated and tightly integrated controllers are a sustainable or durable way forward.

From my POV it definitely is not! For the short term it’s great to have all this eye-candy and hands-on control that tightly integrated with the manufacturers software… at least, the current version. It’s a pure vendor lock-in.

Maybe REAL standalone controllers like the BSP and KSP are a bit more expensive, and you have to look at your computer screen (or soon, glasses…?) but from a user perspective they are much more ‘portable’. I think that’s the kind of love Arturia should give these siblings… so integrate there layout and sequencers, too.

Ps. The way NI moves is the reason I’m moving away from there ecosystem.

It’s no secret i for a long time have wished for Arturia to use more time for mappings/ midi configs.
I also think that would be a benefit for Arturia. That said, then the Arturia controller setups in Arturias applications at the time being only is to use for dedicated controls on the controllers

It’s also no secret that i never have been a fan of Native Instruments NKS.

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