After the Update to Pigments 5 - Freezes and crashes

Hi there,

as the title says: Right after I updated Pigments to version 5 it started freezing up or crashing all together.

At first I can play some notes for 1-2 minutes, change presets etc… works fine.
But after a while it starts freezing for 10-15 seconds and in the end it just locks up completely or crashes. Before the update I never had any issues with Pigments.

I reinstalled multiple times, problem is the same in DAW or in standalone.

My specs: AMD 5800X, 32GB Ram, WIN10, everything installed on SSD.
Makes no difference if multicore is enabled or not.
It just uses 2 cores at 100% and that’s it.

Thanks in advance.

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Im not sure where to start but, if you create a new default (simple) patch, does that also cause a problem? Secondly, have you closed all other apps?

You say you have reinstalled it but did you uninstall it first?

Also, what are your audio settings?

And, not having been a Windows user for many years, I assume you are using an ASIO driver? Is there an alternative? Can you disable it to test?

Yes, I uninstalled and then reinstalled. 3 times.
There were no changes to any drivers.

Audio: 44100Hz Buffer: 256 (did try 32/64/1024 problem was still there)
All others Apps and VSTs work without any problems.

The system is stable I do alot of photo work that is more demanding then Pigements :slight_smile:

OK. As the problem seems Pigments 5 specific and you have tried the easy fixes, I would raise a technical query with them.

After reseting all my ASIO setting and getting it back to the original values, Pigments is more stable now but still getting freezes aspecially in the top right menu… IDK

But it’s somewhat useable now again.

Thanks for your help.

It’s been a long time since I used Windows but if I remember, there are different ASIO drivers available. ASIO4ALL? It may be worth trying another driver, but of course that’s not a permanent fix. Arturia still needs to look into it.

I use the focusrite ASIO, it’s far more stable then ASIO4ALL.
But both had the same freezing problem in the end.

I know this sounds left of field, but can you try another graphics card.

I have seen instances on a Windows PC where a graphics card on the way out can cause random freezes.

Yes, you you do a lot of photo work. However, Pigments might use graphics in a way that your photo software does not.

If you are able, at least try a different one to rule it out as the issue.

Are all of your drivers update to date? That includes your graphic card drivers.

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I’ve encountered a similar issue where after a while, one or two core of my CPU always gets maxed out, although it hasn’t crashed.

After the v5 Update Pigments is unusable . Freezes casually , lags , left menu has its own " brain " , sometimes it work sometimes not . Ableton live 11 on Win 10 pro PC . Before everything was fine . The problem is the graphics card drivers as i can understand . Arturia must rework the gui preferences to work with all cards and not the new ones only . We are in sound , we cant update our graphics card all the time … AMD R9 270X which last drivers are from 2022 when it stopped the updates . Please try to solve this because i really like this one .

It freezes for me, sometimes before I’ve even dragged it to the second monitor! If I just leave it on the first monitor and do nothing, come back later it is frozen. CPU is around 26%. Win 10, Ryzen 3, Radeon VEGA, 23GB RAM, apps, samples and projects on separate SSDs.

Thanks for the tipps.

Drivers are up-to-date.
I’m running a 3080, rendering, gaming, AI-work and I have no other issues.

It is really strange but Pigments is just not reliably useable since the update.

I had this with Pigments 5 - support advised updated graphics drivers and this fixed it. All perfect now. Try updating your graphics drivers!

As stated, GPU drivers are up-to-date.

On my ASUS G14 (2020) laptop with dual monitors (built-in laptop screen, 4K monitor on the USB-C PD port), when my main screen was set to the laptop screen (ATI driver) on my fresh install of Pigments 5, the cursor would continuously spin which effectively froze up Pigments 5 on the MIDI setup screen. Switching the main display to the 4K screen, it ran fine. Curiously, on the laptop screen, the ASIO device which popped up after launching Pigments was a different device than when the 4K screen was set as the main screen.

Upgrading my ATI drivers using the ATI Radeon auto-detect wizard fixed my issue running Pigments 5 on the laptop screen.

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Just want to add this is also happening to me now after updating to Pigments 5.

UI for pigments is still active as in it shows the LFO moving but my mouse icon is a constant blue buffer circle and it’s locked me out controlling my DAW which is Ableton Live 12.

Additional: Tried Pigments 5 on Ableton Live 11 and same thing with freezing my daw.