Yamaha V50 (4OP Synth Workstation) - Presets Bank

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Hello all DX7 V owners. Here is a bank that contains the 100 presets found on the Yamaha V50 synth workstation.

I used MidiQuest 11 Essentials to communicate to the V50 itself and exported the SYSEX patch data one by one to a file. I then used DXconvert-2.3.3 to process the SYSEX file into something the DX7 V understands. I had to manually tweak the ratio values of each of the 4 Operators inside of DX7 V and I had to properly set the wave being used per operator using the MidiQuest window as a guide, but it works.

I compared the sound to the actual V50 as I went, but some of the sounds are slightly different, but passable.

Some of the SFX patches sound a bit different, but I will tweak those over time and reupload.


I hope you enjoy this bank of vintage patches. I will be converting more and will update this thread here.


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