Yamaha CP-70V sounds in Analog Lab


I was wondering if you guys know if there are any plans of getting CP-70V sounds into Analog Lab V, I’ve been trying the CP-70 V demo and I love it, it would make a great addition to my Analog Lab arsenal.

Hi @yamil97 . Welcome to the community.

I can’t etll which presets are in the different Analog Lab versions. I have PRO and V-COllection.

Arturia do no longer allways put some presets from all applications in Analog Lab. It perhaps can depend on if you for example have the PRO version or not. But some factory presets are only available, if you own the full individual application somehow. Beside that soundpacks can provide presets. I don’t think there are soundpacks with CP-70 V presets yet, but you can check on the Sound page.

Arturia never tell, what they will do untill they do it.