Yamaha CP-70 in Analog Lab

I’m working on a song that uses the sound of the Yamaha CP-70. The band Genesis used this keyboard a lot in the late 70s, early 80s. In Analog Lab V I found a few patches that get close to this sound.

  1. Grand Electrique / This is really the sound HOWEVER, in Analog Lab V that patch is super compressed and squashed. If you hit a chord the sound dies down right away and then slowly fades up.

  2. Electro-Mechanix / This is not quite the CP-70 sound but it’s similar. It has normal piano like dynamics.

Dose anyone know how to adjust the Grand Electrique patch to fix the dynamic issue. Has anyone found another patch that is close to the CP-70 that I’m looking for?


Hi. Welcome.

The compression in the preset can only be changed or removed, if you own and have installed the full version of Piano V3. It will also change the sound though.

A link to a song that showcase the sound you search perhaps would be a good idea.
Perhaps adding Analog Lab effects like Chorus and some EQ to a preset you have, can help creating the sound.

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LBH, thanks so much for your reply. That’s helpful to know. Here is an example of the Genesis song (one of many) that uses the Yamaha CP-70 sound. The song is called That’s All.

It’s a strange electric/acoustic piano sound that was super popular for a while. I think it was a way to get a sort of grand piano sound on big stages with loud bands before more modern keyboards came along. But, I’m old enough to have heard it on so many Jazz and Pop/Rock recordings that’s it’s a sound I’d like to use.

On a side note, I did purchase the Arturia V collection (version 9) a while ago. I’ve only downloaded and learned to use a few of the synths so far. I do really like the Acoustic Piano sounds I’ve found in Analog Lab. I guess it’s time to download and activate the Piano V3. : )

best, Morris

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You are welcome @Morris

Why not install the whole V-Collection? I think you get more presets also in Analog Lab doing so. And you can edit all presets in depth - including inside Analog Lab.

Perhaps you can find a sound that will do.

Perhaps Arturia one day make a yamaha CP model.

LBH, you make a really good point. I’m not sure why I have not downloaded all the synths etc in the V collection yet. It seems like an obvious thing to do. I would love it if there were a direct Yamaha CP-70 instrument. The Electro-Mechanix preset for the Piano instrument is pretty close and it’s fine for my composing purposes.
I was thinking about why I have not downloaded all the synths so far. I think that perhaps I was hoping to really master each synth one at a time. So far I’ve worked hard on learning program the OBx-a and the Prophet V. But then I purchased and REALLY got into using Pigments. Pigments has become my favorite synth for trying to create my own original sounds. Maybe I can for the moment, just use the other synths for presets when I’m wanting to compose with sounds that need those original synths from back in the day.

I also think that I was worries about downloading ALL the V Collection synths and running out of hard drive space. But I just looking in my applications folder and the synths I’ve downloaded so far don’t take up lot’s of hard drive space.

I do enjoy using the Analog Lab interface for being able to locate sounds that have certain characteristics across a range of different synths. I think that I get a lot of value from Analog Lab, even though you can’t totally tweak the patches unless you also download the synths.

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Ok. I prefere to use the individual applications. So we are different that way.

I understand the idea of learning an instrument like Pigments well. I think using multiple synths also can be a help to learn though. Perhaps it depend on the individual.
No doubt Pigments is versatile.
Many sounds in the seventies was made on simple synths. You mention a Patrick Moraz lead sound in Gates Of Delirium in another thread. I believe that’s a Minimoog sound. Such information can ie be used as some sort of guidance to recreate the sound no matter trying to recreate it in one application or another.


If you can swing it, Addictive Keys Electric Grand has the ultimate Yamaha CP-80: Electric Grand - XLN Audio

Perfect for all those Genesis/Peter Gabriel vibes.

Ahhh…that’s really cool. Thanks for letting me know. It’s cool that they are making that instrument. I don’t think it was used widely for that many years. But when it was it seems like all the big names used it. I even have a recording of Herbie Hancock using it from back in the day.

Addictive Keys is nice, but I would not say it is the ‘ultimate’. I prefer the UVI EGP instrument, and find it more versatile, to me.

Thanks for providing another option! Indeed that does sound very good, and perhaps more versatility. It’s a bit more expensive, especially if you decide to buy Falcon as well. I bought Addictive Keys during one of XLN’s sales, allowing me to choose several libraries. But good to know there are other options :slight_smile:


I think not only the yamaha CP-70, but also the Korg M1, or some classic casio, or the PPG Wave, or even some drum machines.