Works Analog Lab as standalone with all sounds?

i have v collection and i use analog lab 5 most of the time, do i need the other vst instruments of the v collection on the hard drive to continue using analog lab with all the sounds, or can i delete the other instruments to free up space on the hard drive?


If you want to be able to open the applications inside Analog Lab and/ or use all the applications parameters inside Analog Lab, then i believe you need to have the applications installed.
Also, when you update Analog Lab, then you don’t update (and install) the individual applications presets. You need the applications presets to be installed to use them in Analog Lab, as you otherwise only have the presets intalled with Analog Lab. So you can’t just remove the applications presets. You somehow have to keep the presets after an install.
I don’t recommend you don’t have the full applications installed, but it’s your call.

You can allways try it out with one application uninstalled, if you really wish to own V-Collection and then not install it.