Will V Collection X get updated with to include Augmented Yangtze or will it only be included in XI?

Does a current V Collection (X for example) ever get updated with a new instrument after it launches or do I have to wait for the next version? For example, V Collection X has all the Augmented instruments except Augmented Yangtze. Will Augmented Yangtze ever be added to V Collection X for free or do I have to wait for V Collection XI for them to include it?

No, it won’t get included in V Collection until version 11. If they follow their usual release cadence, that should be around May 2025.

Yeah it would be very unusual for Arturia to retrospectively add an instrument to an existing V Collection. Though you might find a few selected presets from it turn up on a revamped Analog Lab. Arturia use this technique partly to encourage you to buy the full VST.

However, the way the Arturia pricing structure seems to work is to give you personal offer for the Collection, deducting the money you paid on any of the new plugins that appear in the next Collection.