Will V-collection 9 instruments continue to receive updates / support through future editions?

Hi. Forgive me if this has been discussed before, I’m having trouble finding the relevant info. I am considering purchasing V collection 9 during the current sale. I have had analog lab and pigments for years and generally love arturia software. However, I am a little confused about one point: when v collection instruments are updated, does this update only apply to users who have purchased the latest bundle?

In other words, if I buy v collection 9 now and v collection 10 comes out with enhancements or bug fixes to some of the instruments I already own in 9, will I receive those updates automatically? or would I have to re-buy the collection to get the most current version of the instruments included in 9?

Hi @FuzzTony . Welcome to the community.

This has been discussed many times through the years.

Usually you will only pay for new instruments and upgrades in new V-Collections depending on the upgrade as some upgrades can be free. Paid upgrades are usually totally new rebuilds of an instrument. Otherwise you usually also get free updates as long as an instrument version is’nt discontinuet - and you’ll get the same updates the application get in future V-Collections.
Discontinuet instruments work as long as they can on your system, but will usually not get any updates.