V collection x update price

Another way of mitigating some of the bundle problems is doing something Waves WUP-like, where a bundle purchase includes all coming releases up until the next bundle release. Kind of, makes sense for a “complete” bundle, and removes the problem with bundle owners being discouraged from buying the latest plugins on release. That, on the other hand, runs into problems with “I paid for this, and expected you to release more stuff I wanted than you did, I feel cheated”, or in case of WUP specifically, all kinds of other customer dissatisfaction and badwill.

Also, bundles kind of devalue the entire product portfolio. “We’re charging $199/plugin, but given the bundle price, we honestly only feel they are worth $29.”

Speaking of Komplete. I’ve heard things like:

  • Oh, I really want this new NI plugin, but I can’t buy it since I’m on Komplete
  • I’ll have to wait forever since I only upgrade every third version, due to “unfair” pricing for upgrading one version compared to several
  • I wish I had stayed on a smaller Komplete version, or that I could downgrade. Now everything I use/want have dropped to a smaller Komplete, but I have to pay the more expensive upgrade for the big version to get it, together with loads of stuff I don’t want.

from pretty much everybody I know who owns a Komplete license.


I am returning to the discussion thread on this subject. To tell the truth, all the proposed elements on this evolutionary update are very interesting for me.
Many of these instruments pigment my musical curiosity.
I did a brief calculation if I had to add these individually, no less than €992.
So €199 is more than judicious and profitable.
Except that for the moment I’m going to wait.
I don’t want to be part of the news items to further draw on the family finances like “his wife kills him because of one too many purchases”,
so if by During this year the opportunity presents itself once again (in a good six months or at the end of 2024) I will not hesitate to pay this amount (of course if it is still current).

Having worked in commerce (I am not acting as a lawyer) I suspect that the driving force of a company is that it can benefit from its investment, regulate its salary base, the financial imperatives and then in certain cases Investors.

Otherwise it’s guaranteed bankruptcy, bankruptcy filings, layoffs, for us only sad memories and regrets.

The price is not always a sanction, and its competition is only for our good will but also so that quality and innovation in the field continue,
we are also there to contribute financially to its evolution and for me Arturia is worth it the candle, since I will never have had the opportunity to benefit from the quality of all these products musically speaking.

By the way best wishes for this new year.

Bonjour, je reviens sur le fil de discussion sur ce sujet. A vrai dire toutes les propositions d’éléments sur cette mise à jour évolutive est très intéressant pour moi. Beaucoup de ces instruments pigmentent ma curiosité musicale. J’ai fait un bref calcul s’il me fallait ajouter ceux ci individuellement, pas moins de 992€. Donc 199 € c’est plus que judicieux et profitable. Sauf que pour l’instant je vais attendre .Je ne veux pas faire partie des faits divers pour encore puiser dans les finances familiales dans le genre « sa femme le tue à cause d’un achat de trop « , donc si d’ici le cours de cette année l’opportunité se présente encore une fois (dans six bon mois ou en fin d’année 2024 ) je n’hésiterai pas à payez cette somme ( bien sur si elle est encore d’actualité). Ayant travaillé dans le commerce ( je ne me fait pas l’avocat ) je me doute que le moteur d’une entreprise c’est qu’elle puisse profiter de son investissement, régler sa base salariale, les impératifs financiers et puis dans certains cas les investisseurs. Sinon c’est la faillite assurée dépôts de bilan, licenciements, pour nous que de tristes souvenirs et de regrets. Le prix n’est pas toujours une sanction, et sa mise en concurrence que pour notre bon vouloir mais aussi pour que perdure la qualité et la novation dans le domaine, nous sommes aussi là pour contribuer financièrement à son évolution et pour moi Arturia en vaux la chandelle , vu que je n’aurai jamais eu l’occasion de profiter de la qualité de tout ces produits musicalement parlant .
Meilleurs Voeux pour cette nouvelle Année.

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The price of all the individual software bought separately isn’t really a real price.

OK. Someone could buy each one individually and it would cost them a fortune, but no music software company ever expects someone to do that, it’s just a form of marketing where we say get £992 worth of products for £199.

In a way it’s a meaningless figure. They simply expect most people to buy bundles but have individual prices for the people who want say just one of their products, or who say have Komplete standard but want one instrument from Komplete ultimate.

Attached is part of the receipt from Plugin Alliance, do I really think I got $2,043 worth of plugins for free, of course not. Sure if I bought each one at their full individual price it will equal that, but in the real world that never happens, always some sale/offer on, always bundles available.

Sure some people will honestly believe NI gave them an extra $2,043 worth of products for nothing, but most of us know it’s just marketing/advertising.

The reality is, if NI (and it applies to most plugin companies including Arturia) were really giving me over $2,000 of products for nothing, that the thing that would would bankrupt them.


yes of course I understood it well, but what is the real value of an operating license (because the product is licensed for lasting or limited use).

To return to NI which initially offered me €299 to upgrade from the Komplete 14 Standard to the Ultimate one a few weeks ago, today the difference between an upgrade and the one on promotion is only 0.50Cts , look for the error.

I purchased Fables and Lore for €99, as of today I have invested almost €500 between the update of Analog Lab V, Pigments, Collection V 9 and Banks of presets.

I know that this sum is very insignificant in terms of contributions to many of you, but a small retirement is very substantial.

I’m not complaining because it’s especially during promotions that I benefit from it. FL Studio was an investment but thanks to Black Friday I was able to access the full version. I was of course seduced by the aesthetic side of the Daw following the trial version but also by the free lifetime update of the product of course I am not fooled.

For Komplete 14 it’s the same as for Arturia, I will always have to put my hand in my pocket to stay up to date.

I dropped Samplitude from Magix, it’s always a race to the end, I understood that you can’t race with an old bike.

I will always have to justify such investments as an Amateur Musician and the frustration of always having a line in my hand for, in certain cases, compulsive purchases.

I ended up telling myself that the ones who are really doing well are not the musicians but those who sell all these products, confusing our heads with fluctuations in different amounts and promotions, but hey I would never have been able to take advantage of it.

Amitié Musicale.

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Yep, I agree.

I also purchased Fables, Guitar Rig 7 pro and Session percussionist and I know that they will be in Komplete 15 collectors edition whenever that’s released.

But reading up on them and watching reviews, I really wanted them like I really wanted the SQ80 when that was released.

Sadly there’s nothing apart from the rebuilt instruments that I really want from upgrading from V8 to VX, that’s not me saying that VX isn’t very good, just saying there’s nothing that I currently feel the need to have.

I could find when I do update that one of the new instruments in the V collection is superb, it’s happened before.

I definitely will update, but at the moment having spent a lot on other software and wanting to buy a new master keyboard, I simply can’t justify €299 at this time where as I could have justified less.

If when their next sale comes around, it’s the same price, I’ll probably give in and buy it anyway .


Tomorrow I’m purchasing the Arturia Keylab 61 mk2

This comes with the Piano V which was a nice surprise.

Presuming it’s the current version, that’s one of the 3 that I wanted to upgrade.

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That’s an interesting question actually. I’m not sure whether you get the latest Piano V from VC9/VCX or one of the earlier ones.

Well I watched a YouTube vid from when the s61 mk2 was released, this did come with the old piano v2 version but it was June 2018.

I think v3 was released in 2022, so I’m hoping as it’s 2024, I get the latest version, I’ll find out tomorrow and let you know.

My Keylab 61 arrived today, glad I paid a little extra for the black rather than the white, looks beautiful.

I registered the hardware, under Keylab mk2 it said I had the following products

Analog lab 4
Analog Pro (not sure why they also included 4)
Piano V2

However Piano v3 also appeared on its own as an update for my keylab, so very happy, see attached pics.


Wow great result!
Piano V3 is really where their modelled pianos are starting to sound great IMO. I wasn’t a fan of the original and V2, I would always have chosen a sampled piano in preference because, although they had a lot of features and customisation, to my ears they were clearly ‘work in progress’ in terms of authenticity. V3 is sounding really good, and to my ears is now sonically competitive with Modartt Pianoteq, where V1 and V2 just were not.


Arturia might win this one lol.

It’s annoying that when I try to fully open up things like CS80 from Analog Labs it won’t let me as I only own the previous version.

So give it a few weeks and if the offer is still on, I will probably relent and buy it :slight_smile:

The upgrade prices this time are ridiculous for current owners, ive been upgrading since version 3 or 4… and slowly the prices have become more unrealistic, the problem is there’s too much bloat your being forced to pay for. Most of these instruments i’ll never use so for me it’s a case of upgrading just to keep my current plugins compatible with my OS. You can buy a REAL ANALOG behringer synth for the price of the latest upgrade and youve got the synth for as long as it stays working, based on my old behringer stuff 30 years plus and counting and they smash software plugins, plus UAD are now on the scene whose plugins are terrific and cheap, plus software upgrades dont cost !
For me there needs to be options just to upgrade a selection of your synths, because the way the upgrade model works at the moment i cant be bothered with it, plus there are better emulations out there for most these plugins now. so it’s making it less of an issue to keep upgrading.
Arturia… please have a think about your business model, loyal owners who have owned the product for nearly 20 years are dropping off, i for one have had enough for the moment.


This is just misinformation. If you don’t need the new instruments, or bloat as you call them, the simple answer is don’t upgrade. The instruments that your V Collection shares with VCX will continue to receive the same incremental upgrades and patches as those in VCX. Arturia don’t ‘not’ update your builds of the same instruments just because you haven’t purchased VCX.

It’s crazy how some people think this all works.

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The instruments that your V Collection shares with VCX will continue to receive the same incremental upgrades and patches as those in VCX. Arturia don’t ‘not’ update your builds of the same instruments just because you haven’t purchased VCX.

Can you point us to the source where Arturia says this officially in writing?

I don’t think it’s crazy after contacting Arturia support. I asked specifically, “Do I get updates for my VC9 instruments if I don’t upgrade to VCX, and if so, for how long?”.

I just received the answer which was, “no you don’t”.

I’ll give the benefit of doubt that support person misunderstood my question because this would be ridiculous. So I’m asking them again. It takes them days to respond, so this will take a while.

In the meantime, can you back up your claim by pointing us to the source?

Hi @halo_nucleus,

Please read my posts here:

You will not find any official Arturia text about this afaik.

I understand if you for example don’t want the Augmented series. But it’s unfortunately not possible to upgrade without getting them.

Source no, but they’re literally the same builds. Arturia don’t keep different builds of current synths based on which VC you bought them in. Think about it. There are people out there who literally buy one or two of these synths individually: which version do think they get? Do they get yours, or do they get the so-called current version, or do they get a third different version made just for non-VC purchasers? Answer is, everyone gets the same build. It would be chaos otherwise!

Just to reassure you from personal experience…long before I upgraded to VC9, the instruments my VC8 shared with VC9 were being patched and upgraded. Of course I didn’t for example get the CS80 V4 because that was a VC9 instrument, but all the instruments that my VC8 shared with VC9 were still being patched to the current builds.

EDIT and if you’re still not sure I’m right, go to the downloads page: there’s just one build for every current instrument. Well, two technically: one for MacOS, one for Windows. But between them they’re the the same build we all get, irrespective of how we purchased the instrument: VC9 or earlier, VC10, or just as a standalone purchase.


Thanks for the info. This is quite helpful. Looking at the installed instruments, I see that when Arturia issues a new major version upgrade, the previous version is no longer updated, i.e. abandoned. Just wanted to know if this is officially stated anywhere.

BTW, I’m not saying if abandoning the previous version is right or wrong; that’s just something one should know when deciding not to upgrade VC or individual instruments. That’s why it would help to have it be clear.

@Jon_Vincent ,

I’ve owned various Arturia instruments for many years and VCollections since VC7. I have paid for and gone through upgrades on various instruments and VC. I don’t know why you think otherwise, but I’m aware that instruments in VC are the same as individual instruments purchased separately (duh).

The fact is, if I want all (not just some, but all) of my VC instruments to keep receiving updates, I have to upgrade VC. I bought VC as a package, and the package as a whole doesn’t stay up to date if I don’t upgrade.

I don’t think this is misinformation, which is why I asked you for a written source from Arturia.

To be clear, I’m fine with how Arturia (seems) to do upgrades, i.e. once V3->V4, abandon V3. It’s the “We’ll give you something extra so pay up or be left behind” model. That’s not that unreasonable, at least to me. I just wanted to see what Arturia said officially on this, which I guess they don’t/won’t.

I know Pigments is’nt in V-Collection. But as far as i recall, then all Pigments upgrades have been free up till now.

I don’t think you will get any informations about the future.

I think we’re possibly talking at odds with each other. And maybe that’s my fault for misunderstanding. I thought you were of the belief that any current instruments in your VC9 wouldn’t be patched and upgraded just because you hadn’t bought VC10.

‘Abandoned’ instruments (for want of another name)…yeah there are a few but because they’ve all been upgraded to 64-bit, I can’t think of any that don’t currently still work. For example I’m still quite fond of Spark 2 which came with VC4. It’s not been upgraded since the Dead Sea was on life-support, but it still works even on my M1 Mac. Arturia seem to be one of the absolute best out there in terms of not leaving you with legacy VSTs that no longer work on current OS’s.

<< The fact is, if I want all (not just some, but all ) of my VC instruments to keep receiving updates, I have to upgrade VC. I bought VC as a package, and the package as a whole doesn’t stay up to date if I don’t upgrade.>>

I think there will come a point where some of the really really old VSTs (such as the ARP2600 and Modular V) get replaced by newer versions in whichever V Collection is then current. Arturia have re-wrapped them in fresh clothing several times but underneath it’s still the same code. Yeah at that point I guess you won’t receive the new versions unless you buy them, and there will come a point where the legacy versions you own don’t receive updates. That seems fine with me. You (anyone) cannot expect to purchase something once and receive a lifetime of free upgrades until you die. It can’t work like that when the bottom line of businesses like Arturia is maybe 50% software sales and 50% hardware sales, and they rely on actually selling software to stay financially afloat. They’re not Apple who factor-in 7 years’ OS upgrades into the price of a new Mac, and then tell their customers that the OS upgrades are ‘free’.

I already have all the the new synth in collection X a part from one. So 50€ is already a lot f
or me…