Will Demo Versions of Augmented BRASS, STRINGS and VOICES work in Analog Lab?

Will Augmented BRASS, STRINGS and VOICES presets that were saved in an Analog Lab Bank work (and continue to work) if you only have the DEMO versions of those Augmented VST’s??

I am not talking about opening the vst within Analog Lab to further edit sounds, simply asking if the sounds will cease working in Analog Lab after the demo trial is over.

I know it shouldn’t be the case since you can just own Analog Lab without owning any of the other VST’s but I’m just clarifying.

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Also it seems like latest update for Analog Lab V doesn’t include any sounds from any of the Augmented VST’s? I imported an Analog Lab Sound Pack on a separate computer that didn’t have any of the Augmented VST’s installed. That AL Sound Pack has some Augmented BRASS, VOICES and STRINGS presets in it and when clicking on those presets it gave me a missing files error?

It wasn’t until I downloaded to those Augmented VST’s demos that it began working. Hence my first question. I guess the latest AL update doesn’t come downloaded with any Augmented sounds and the only way for Augmented sounds to work within Analog Lab is to have the sounds downloaded separately so that AL can pull from those?

Hello @QAPT thanks for your feedback,

I shared this topic with our sound design team, they will be back soon to clarify this better.