What makes a cross-grade offers disappear? Are cross-grade offers randomly removed?

I bought Essential Mk3 88 that came with Analog Lab V/Pro. For a while I had a cross-grade to V Collection X for 349. I inquired about an educational discount which I didn’t avail of yet, and suddenly my cross-grade disappeared. Is this normal? Is it because Summer Sale is coming soon. What makes cross-grades disappear?

Hi @knowsnomusic

I, and the other External Moderators on here, don’t actually work for Arturia so can’t possibly enlighten you on the inner workings of The Marketing Dept at Arturia, so it’s probably worth logging in to your account to contact our support team who might be able to explain more to you.



Yes only Arturia know.

I believe you allways have a crossgrade prices. But speciel offers are usually time limited, when they are there.