V-collection licenses chaos

After updating, licenses turn to demo, request to sign in and synchronise, ASC pops up and asks to wait for synchronisation process to end, etc…! What kind of way is this to treat customers. I have paid for the software in full and I should be able to use it without further impediment. Arturia FIX this please! I have sent emails to support as well.

Hi @songman ,

If you are saying, that you does’nt come past the sync and enter to ASC, then i suggest you try to reinstall ASC.
I have no login issue here. But i can’t tell if there are web issues by you.

The software need to be activated through ASC to not have it running in demo mode.

If somehow the products have been deactivated, then perhaps try to deactivate the product in ASC and then activate it again. Perhaps restart the computer before activating again.

That’s all i can do without having images and more information.

Please keep in mind, that this community is’nt Arturia support.

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Thanks LBH, I’ve synchronised all items separately in the ASC and for the time being all seems well. It is strange that all this began after several items were updated.

Cheers, Bob.

Glad to hear it’s solved @songman . Thanks for the update.

I can only say, that sometimes strange things happens. I can’t tell why.