V Collection Futur

Given the excellence of your analog emulation, shouldn’t it be necessary at some point to emulate digital machines?

This would make the V collection the ultimate pack, combining the analog and digital past.

What do you think ?

Emulation of JP 8080, the series

With the possibility of course of integrating sound banks and original programs

Mythical synths of the time.

Hoping that one day as soon as possible😊 they will be included in your catalog and therefore in a future V Collection.

Given the renewed interest in this type of machine, it would be a sure success.


Hi @Trancer and welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Some nice ideas there for sure, but there ARE already several digital synths included in The V-Col, such as The EMU II V, Synclavier V, DX7 V and the CMI V.
Of course Arturia are ALWAYS developing new ideas for the range.
With synths that are still in production, there is always the issue of licensing, so it’s not always possible, i’m sure you understand, that’s not to say that any of your suggestions won’t happen at some point though, so please make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter to be the first to know about them.

Many thanks for your response.

Indeed already very nice emulations.

It would be even better if one day these synths could be developed by you.

Yes of course I understand, I suspect that it is not always simple (authorization / concepts).

I can’t wait to discover your future emulations to come :blush:

Hoping that one day this will happen.


I vote for JP 8080 and ANDROMEDA. :slight_smile:

Hi Mat,

I have a Korg 01/WR if needed :blush: (I’m in Geneva)
I sampled it with AutoSampler in Logic.

One brand that would be awesome to have by Arturia is Kurzweil, specifically the K2000.



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Thank you for your feedback,

I do not have a Korg 01 in my possession, unfortunately given the years, very often in too poor condition.

When you talk about having it sampled in Logic, what do you mean?

Hi Trancer,

My response was more for Mat :blush: if Arturia needed a 01/W.
In Logic Pro there is Auto Sampler a “plugin” that allow you to sample any MIDI synth or plugin. I’ve just sampled all 200 Combos and 200 Programs.

Hi @FredB

I actually used to have an 01W/FD many years ago, also an M1 and a Wavestation SR.
I offloaded them all some years ago when their Legacy Collection came out.
Often i prefer to track hardware synths through some of the nice preamps i have here, but i felt with the Korg synths i had, that i was happier with the plugin versions, obviously though this is purely subjective on my own part and YMMV.
Many thanks for the offer though mate… MUCH appreciated! :grinning:

Technically, if you record ANYTHING from your synth in Logic you are sampling it, that’s what digital audio is after all.
The potential issues are if you reverse engineer their sounds and repackage them as your own.

Again though, one has to check through whichever company you are dealing with, EULA which can vary from company to company.


Hi Mat,

Yes, I also have the Korg Collection plugins, that are excellent. No need for the hardware equivalent (as for every synth for that matters). But there is no 01/W as a plugin.
Since I will need some of the presets of this nice 01/W for my first album, which will have lots of Arturia’s plugins :blush:, because I’ve used it in the 90’s, I have sample it with Auto Sampler in Logic, but for my own purpose. This is not for sale nor will I send a copy of this sampling Korg to anyone, I know the law :grin:. And it was a lot of work to do, because I’ve disabled all reverb and delay of each presets and some other effects when needed.
And as long as I have the hardware, no legal issue here (actually I have 2 01/WR, one that is working and one that is not).



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I forgot, the total of this sample 01/W is 38 Gb :smiley:
It’s sound really good.
If you want I could make a short video with some presets from Logic’s sampler.



That would be a very interesting addition, I love the VAST sounds!
However, since Kurzweil still offers the K2700 which uses VAST, I don’t think they would provide a licence to Arturia to do something like this.

I’ve asked Kurzweil many times why there is no plugin version of the K2000 but never received an answer.
I know that they are still using their VAST technology, but Korg has the MS20 as a hardware and a plugin and Arturia was allowed to do their version of this synth.
So, I guess that anything is possible :blush:



Would love a JX-8P addition, PG-8X hasn’t seen an update in a long time and causes occasional crashes in my DAW as a result of running it on an M1 chip. Roland’s own version is pretty lacklustre also. So a decent, modern VST would be a godsend!

Hi @mmccarthy and welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

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In some plugin the image takes up a lot of space without without it being interactive (ex piano V)
any option to hide the image on these plugins in order to see only the part of the plugins with the buttons?

Hi @FredB, I have also contacted Kurzweil about a software K2000. I loved the K2000 and used it on so many things back in the 90s.
A software version would be a dream.

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