USB & Analog source to main outs at the same time 16rig [fixed]

I’ve looked at Can someone assist me? Rig16 setup & I’m not sure if I have an unreasonable expectation here.

My goal is to be able to directly monitor the outputs of the various synths that are feeding the 16 analog inputs of the 16rig while at the same time hearing what is being played back by the computer (could be the stereo outs from Logic Pro, spotify or whatever).

I seem to be able to get one or the other. I can get everything going at once if I have a track setup in Logic with input monitoring enabled. However I don’t always want to open logic to make music. I could have drums coming from hardware & then play AnalogLab at the same time.

Two screenshots of the options for either - computer out only, or analog ins to out only.

I can see there is def sound coming from the synths on the input monitors so it is likely a me problem where I’m not configuring routing properly.


So…re-reading the manual helps. Looks like I needed to add the USB1/2 computer sources to the main mix (see screenshot)

It seems my expectation was not unreasonable & that the answer is fairly logical - make sure you add the required inputs to your mix before you start mucking around with routing.

I’m sending Main to both phones & monitor at the moment so I can have one profile then swap between headphones & speakers.