Uneffected output

Is there a way I can defeat every signal modification beyond the organ itself in the B-3 V? Like, what if I want the signal that would be coming out of the Leslie jack in a real one?

Hey @NewNumbers thanks for sharing this topic.
I hope someone from our community could share some solution soon.

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Just click on the ‘FX’ button in the top right hand corner of the GUI, then click on ‘Bypass’, which is on the far right hand side of the GUI, directly under the bottom right corner of the high C key on the lower keyboard.


If I am not mistaken, a customer came to this forum to ask a question about the B-3 V, but instead of answering the customer, an Arturia representative “hoped” that someone from the community would come answer it for them?

And then a day later, another customer came to answer the question for Arturia? Is that the customer service philosophy I am seeing, or am I maybe short on sleep and hallucinating?

I noticed that too. Not sure what the added value was supposed to be…

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This is… frankly upsetting to me, as I’ve already seen this same “community self service” philosophy dominate the Steinberg forums, and lately (since the private equity acquisition) the Native Instruments forums as well. I certainly hope Arturia doesnt… choose this same philosophy or it will be very hard to continue being a customer.

Hey @Milkman76 and @NewNumbers thanks for your comments.

This is a community channel and its purpose is to share common knowledge among passionate Sound Explorers.

As you may know we have a large documentation such as Manuals and FAQ’s available at the Arturia Help Center that everyone can find in our website.

Our Arturia’s service support is available to help you by logging in to your account to contact our support team that will do their best to help you based on your setup and many other details that may be really difficult to follow on a forum.

Also we kindly invite you to read our Code of Conduct to get the most from our community!

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Noted. I guess I will stick to actual customer service tickets in the future, like I’ve done with other brands that choose this philosophy.

I already wasted some time, but was hoping maybe the forums were just having a slow day that day. I bought the Microfreak, had an issue with its very weird MIDI config, asked a question on the forum, and that question just sat on the forum for weeks until I made a ticket. I finally got some help via the ticket, and then went back and answered my own question on the forum.

Many issues cannot be resolved by reading Arturia’s docs, and on top of that many forum posts about similar issues never get resolved and/or are abandoned. I began helping others here a few weeks ago but then… I realized I would just have to keep doing that because the brand itself had checked out. No thanks.

Good luck with your community forum. Perhaps making that more clear would help? (here, you dont get brand support. You wait for random people, if ever, to come help you.)

Thanks for your feedback @Milkman76

We have a description of our forum in our Welcome to the Sound Explorers Community section and you can also check our Code of Conduct

This space stays open for you and to everyone who wants to share its knowledge and talent among the community to inspire and help others.

We wish you the best on your musical projects

Thanks very much, but no need to repeatedly share the “code of conduct” with me.
Personally, I have a code of conduct for brands and corporations, but I dont usually share it with brand representatives until it gets awkward. Bye!

No problem, have a good one!