Trying to upload an mp3 track // format not allowed

Trying to upload a mp3 track in “your sound” is this format not possible

Hey @Kball glad to see you here !
Please note that in our forum you are allowed to upload only Arturia’s software and hardware extensions.

You can also share a link to your track in external platforms if it’s your desire.

Also we kindly invite you to read our Code of Conduct to get the most from our community!

Let’s keep exploring!

Oh right… so how does one convert mp3 to Arturia’s extension, if that is possible at all?

Hello @Kball ,
The only way to get Arturia’s extension is by creating your sound from one of our instruments.

This is a space to share sounds created by our community of sound explorers, we hope you can share your Arturia’s creations soon!

Have a good one!

Oh right… All instruments and Fx’s that I’m using are Arturia, except final mastering and some reverbs, but I’m writing this track within Logic Pro. Is that the problem.
I’m a professional composer for Film TV and Songs and I’m loving the Arturia Synths… thought it would be nice to share with others and hear what’s being done on your instruments!

Cheers Kball


Good idea.
I just revived a very old Soundcloud account to publish an impro on Arturia instruments.
The external link is played inside the Arturia forum.

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