There is a bug with the Modulation from the Advanced Tab

Hello, sound designer here.

So I created a pad preset where I have OSC 1 running normally (without modulation from the advanced tab) and I then have the volume level of OSC 2 modulating with a start at 0 then gradually increasing over about 2 sec on envelope mode (no loop).

Initially it was working fine but then the next day without any change, it started to bug out. When playing chords, the starting point for the modulation of OSC 2 randomly jumps all over the place. Causing random spikes in volume on OSC 2. Its not following the timeline i set for it. When it does spike, it stays at that point in the modulation and doesn’t move.

Is there a support email that I can send the preset to so you guys can see what I mean?


You can attach files to your posts in this forum. Just click the UPLOAD symbol in the top of the text window where you write your text.
A preset would help explore.

Are you using long release times in the preset?
How many Voices Poly have you set?
If you use long release times, then try to set the Poly to 16 Voices, and see if that make a difference.

Also are the Functions POLY Enabled?

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Its saying new users cant upload files, even though Im not new lol….

So yea, theres a 2sec long release (changing that doesnt help), the polyphony is 16 (doesnt matter either) and the poly function is on… Playing one note quickly over n over the modulation follows the timeline like its supposed to, but when you start playing chords and appegiating them, the modulation bugs and glitches out and the starting point jumps all around the timeline. OSC 2 is set at 24 semitones and the global envelope has a slow attack overall. I want OSC 2 to have a slower attack than OSC 1 but it pops up abruptly at various random volumes that I’ve set on the modulation timeline when playing chords

I notice some presets come out less buggy when you create overtop of existing presets that already come with the plugin. So Ive recreated the patch overtop of another and it seems to be working like its supposed to. Hopefully it doesnt change overnight like the first one did.

If a preset indeed change form okay to not, when nothing is changed in the settings - like Release and Attack times, and nothing is changed in playing style - like legato or not, then i suggest you ontact Arturia support.

I can tell, that if i use the Default preset as a startpoint, then i don’t have the issue you mention. But i can get the behavior depending on the things mentioned in my posts.

I can’t tell, if there are faulty presets.

Please let us know how it go.

I assume it’s about some sort of a security, you can’t upload, even if you where a new member. But asking for help without being able to upload relevant material, that can be important, when asking for help is not a positive exsperience for a user. Also not for someone trying to help. So it somehow undermine the forums purpose. A warning about you are a new user before a potential download of your material should be enough, i would think.

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Yea I always start from the default preset to start designing… Remaking the preset on top of another existing preset seemed to the trick. Both presets have the exact same settings yet the first one still glitches out.

Theres a few other bugs I wana point out but I’ll get to it later.

Yea Im not new, Ive been posting on the legacy forum since early last year lol… but I have to give Arturia credit, this is the cleanest forum Ive ever been on. Even better than the one for Vital

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Have you set the “Env Reset” in the right panel to “On”? Try if you have’nt.
I thought i had mentioned this, but i don’t think i have.

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BINGO! That actually did it! THANKS! Not really sure why thats a feature… Also, I just checked, starting from the default preset thats set to “Off” by default. Thats why remaking on top of another preset worked and starting from scratch didnt. I feel like that needs to be changed. Thats a weird one.

Now i am curious to look thru existing presets to see how this feature is being used if at all

Thanks Again

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Ohhh so its just Legato ??? Makes sense

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We really appreciate your feedback.

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It’s about how Envelopes in a synth behave depending on settings and playing when a voice is retriggered.
Good we got a BINGO after all. Thanks for reporting back.

I can add, that i think it’s annoying and not logical that the ENV RESET set to ON does’nt make a difference with Unison, when the number of Unison voices is the same as the number of Poly voices. The none retrigger will be there anyway if one want that, if the ENV RESET is set to OFF.
I wish Arturia make a Retrigger work when playing legato in this case too.

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Thanks so much for sharing your wise @LBH :zap: :control_knobs: :wavy_dash:
We’re going to check this topic as a feature request to take it into account by our team.