Syncronize Presets

Hello, I have Minifreak both Hardware and V and Pigments installed. Recently I’ve installed Analog Lab Play (the free version).

Every software has its own presets and I have noticed that many of them are the same ones.

So I thought about creating a Single Folder which can be named “Arturia User Presets” in order to load in there all the non redundant presets and to make it accessible by the 3 softwares. Can this be possible to do?. Which rules should I follow?

On Analog Lab Play I have tried to copy one preset into another folder but the software does not read the preset on the other folder.


Hi @olimpomarcelo . Welcome back.

I have replied you here: Syncronize Presets - #2 by LBH

I can add, that you can’t move factory presets just like that.

oh ok thanks