Syncronize Presets

Hello, is there an easy way to share all the Arturia Presets among the different Software? So not to have redundant ones? Thanks.

Hi @olimpomarcelo ,

I’m not sure what you mean by redundant. In Arturias preset system software presets are shared.

I’m not sure how MiniFreak hardware and Software preset work, but i assume they also use the same presets.

Hello this is what I mean, if you check Pigments Presets and Analog Lab Play Presets you will see that Analog Lab Play has the same Presets that Pigments has plus other ones. And this is my problem: How can I “see” in Pigments the Presets that Analog Lab Play has that are not present on Pigments? So I was wondering if there is a way to create a Preset Folder where I could put all the available Presets among all the Softwares, and to make it available for all of them. I mean Analog Lab Play for instance does not load the Pigments Presets listed on Pigments Presets Folder located on C://ProgramData/Arturia/Presets/Pigments and viceversa. I can’t find a way to make that Folder available for Analog Lab Play and viceversa.

I have Analog Lab PRO.
Analog Lab PLAY only have a basic preset browser. So the presets informations is probably limited.

All Arturias software instruments presets show up in Analog Lab too. It’s the same preset files as in the full applications.

Presets in Analog Lab can be saved as shared presets too, if they are made so they can anbd are saved in a full applications preset format. But if the preset is saved in Analog Lab format, then they can only be used in Analog Lab - not in the full applications.
You can’t share presets between the full applications, as they are totally different instruments.

I can’t tell for sure, if there is a difference when using Analog Lab PLAY. But i don’t think so, as you can buy presets in the sound store and use them in Analog Lab. And that in most cases include presets saved in the full applications formats and not in Analog Lab format.

You should for example only be able to see presets saved in pigments format in Pigments preset folders. Not in Analog Lab preset folders or any other applications folders and vice versa.

I think perhaps you think you are having redundant presets, but you really have’nt. Can you show me otherwise?

Not that there can’t be presets having the same names, or perhaps some that are redundant somehow. I don’t know which presets there are in Analog Lab Play. But it’s possible, if you have added free soundpacks, then you can have some redundant presets i guess. But perhaps they are in different formats, or they are tweaked so they are not excactly the same.

Hi, now I’m starting to understand. By the way I tell you that there are indeed, presets on both soft instruments with the same name and identical to hear, but as you say they surely have differents formats. I will try to fully understand this with Arturia Support and get back here. Many thanks.

Keep in mind, that Analog Lab play presets from the other software instruments Arturia have. Even when the presets is saved in Analog Lab format, then the sounds is still using the full instruments sound engines.

Hi this time I’m not sure that if I fully understand you. Could you rephrase it? thanks.

Analog Lab is’nt a synth in it self. All the sounds Analog Lab use are created in other software.

Apparantly you have Pigments.
Try to create a preset in Pigments and save it. Then open Analog Lab, and you will find it there, as Analog Lab can use the same preset.
At least in the PRO version. But i assume also in the PLAY version.

Yes yes, just as you said it would. Even when Pigments is closed.

So you see, that it’s one preset file and not two? It’s not redundant. You can just use the same preset file in both Pigments/ the full version of the instrument the preset is created in and in Analog Lab.

Ah ok ok. When I installed the Analog V Play I was concerned about the disk space usage. So there shouldn’t be bytes duplicated?

I can’t see you have anything to worry about.
I suggest you keep try to learn to understand how Arturias preset system work.

Yes I will. By the way with I ask Arturia Support about this it and its answer was quite the same as yours. Thanks a lot.