Sustain on presets

I use the Arturia V Collection 9 primarily for single note or chords that are triggered by a Roland PK-5A midi foot controller. It’s a one-octave keyboard on the ground (like bass pedals, etc.) Some of the sounds I choose have natural sustain and when I release the pedal to go to the next note, the sound does not immediately stop, but sustains enough to get to the next note. How do I set all the other sounds to sustain when by default they just stop (go silent) when I let go of the pedal? I can’t have that gap. I primarily use the OP-Xa, Jupiter 8, Prophet 5 etc.

You’ll likely have to modify each preset you use that doesn’t sound the way you want, typically by increasing the Release time of the VCA envelope.

Sometime adjusting the “Time” control in the bottom row of knobs with change that parameter.

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As @Talahamut and @Promidi suggest, there are really two ways to approach.
The ‘quick and dirty’ method as @Promidi suggests by tweaking the ‘Time’ knob at the bottom of the GUI, As in the pic below…

Or as @Talahamut suggests and look at release time of each VCA envelope for each sound you wish to tweak.
Obviously though this will vary from synth to synth depending on their architecture.
P5 Example below…