Studio One suddenly shows GUI error when loading Arturia FXs

Hello guys, hope someone can help me, I am going nuts over this.
Updated all my Arturia stuff two days ago and the Arturia Instruments work perfectly fine, but the FX Collection (which is over 20 Effects) can not be loaded because of an unexpected GUI error and mismatch of versions.

This error does not occure in Nuendo, Renoise and Ableton, but still reinstalled them all. Did another deinstall and reinstalled them all. Did lots of rescanning reset of Blacklist. NOTHING WORKS…

I remember there was a trick to delete some config lines somewhere to make S1 forget the past and really take all new versions… Can someone help me please?

Adress of screenshot:

Solved it now.
In case you run into this problem.
Make sure there’s no duplicates in the VST 3 folder…
Unfortunately Arturia doesn’t offe the funtion to precisely address the subfolder in Common FIles/VST3 …
This caused that the new updated files were stored there, but I prefer to have the subfolder "Arturia Collection. After I moved them all in there manually and the old plugins were delted, it works fine again…

Hi @tttoy and welcome to our Sound Explorers Forum.

That’s great that you’ve managed to get to the bottom of the issue yourself.

Most plugin vendors use that location for VST3 plugins, from memory the vast majority, if not all the VST3 plugins I use myself are in that location. It’s pretty standard.
There are definite advantages to having a common plugin folder too, such as making it easier to manage a large plugin library, obviously though some people feel differently.

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