Speakers / monitors /soundbar audio interface for MacBook advice please

Hi all, here’s an how long is a piece of string question, please bare with me. (Wasn’t sure what’s the correct section to post in, sorry if it’s in the wrong place)

Without repeating everything said elsewhere, I have my main studio setup with desktop PC NIms88 mk3, Arturia Keylab 61 mk2 etc

I’m recovering from two major operations and for quite a few months will spend a lot of time sitting in my armchair.

I have a MacBook Pro M1 16” (well I will have next Sunday as not allowed to play with it anymore before my birthday) which sits on a table that’s on wheels and I can pull over my armchair ( a bit like the over the bed ones you get in hospital)

I also have a Novation Launchkey 37 mk3.

The Launchkey fits nicely on my lap/armchair

I’ve installed Studio one, Komplete 14 CE, Arturia V8 and Pigments onto my laptops external SSD.

The plan is, when I’m in my armchair, I can still play music, record ideas, learn synths inside out, do some music theory courses I have bought etc.

I am NOT going to be finalising/mastering anything, it’s more so a that I can still have a bit of fun while I’m not well enough to spend ages at my main Studio.

I also don’t want to be wearing headphones all the time (have headphones for when wife’s watching tv etc)

Finally, the whole setup has to be easy to move as I also use the table to eat off.

At the moment I’ve set it up using the laptops internal speakers. Obviously I need some sort of external speakers and an audio interface however, my budget is currently very tight.

Everything has to fit on the table too. Here’s a pic.

Obviously I can move the SSD to wherever.

I have only 17 cm / 6.75” from the back of the laptop to the metal bar at the back of the table (I’m presuming the laptop is at the front edge of table, unlike in the pic)

I was thinking maybe for this specific use a soundbar might be better than two speakers?

All suggestions greatly appreciated

Can’t use audio interface from studio as it’s too big (Focusrite Saffire pro 40)

There’s also an extra bit of table to the right I can use if needed (would rather keep it for my coffee etc but if needed, can use it) as in this pic

many many thanks

I’ve decided to give these a go.

If the laptop screen blocks the sound, the soundbar can be separated into two speakers.


Just sent speakers back, didn’t like the sound at all, internal speakers sound better.

Tried with it in one piece and as two speakers.

Think I will buy some cheap active monitors, probably the PreSonus Eris 3,5 wired (too much lag with bluetooth)

Edit: After watching numerous YouTube reviews I’ve gone for the 3.5