So, will be AL a dead or alive cat? let's complain

It’s been months since the first and unique update rolled out on Astrolab, but it seems that nothing moves in the update and fix departement. No replies here, no rumors, as i can see…
Ok, Arturia spent great efforts on marketing side, every known youtuber had an AL, everyone is happy… except the real customers, i think:
imho a stage keboard that has hangs on notes, sound clicking, freezes, absurd volume and sound change issues, just to mention the major issues, cannot be seen as real working instrument, it reminds me of a good demo product.
Really, have you tried to play something with a sustain pedal?! or some track with sound change? for REAL?
The feeling of “slippyness” is too big, even a 399€ Go Keys performs better! COME ON!

another “would be” product is disappointing (who did own an Origin like i did?)

Maybe Arturia should open their beta testing and let the community of real players partecipate, if a new firmware is on the run (?), keep the audience warm telling them what are they working on, communicate.

We are sick tired of announcement war where companies shout “my new keyboard has bigger keys than yours”: musical instruments are not the last smartphone, suv or eyewear making trend…or they should not be.

Please, listen to us, we are not asking a blender or fridge plugin option, we are asking to have something really playable, we had faith in your company when we bought your product.


Sorry your AstroLab isn’t doing what you want. It never feels good to spend a lot of money on something that doesn’t satisfy expectations.

Our keyboardist has been using his AstroLab on all our gigs recently, indoors and outdoors, and he loves it. He hasn’t experienced any of these issues, although he has had to volume match some presets, which is expected whenever you have different patches and different hardware models. (The original hardware models also differed in volume of course.)

Is it possible there’s an issue with your unit? It’s nearly impossible for all units to roll off a line in perfect shape. Perhaps you should think about opening up a ticket for support with Arturia, and find out whether it needs repair.


thank you for the advice and your explanations, they are very appreciated.
I’ll wait before bringing the AL on live, because i think the “cons” are more than “pros”: by now my gig setup is a Numa X Piano 88, Mainstage with Korg Collection and Arturia plugins and a Nord Stage 3. I wish to change the NS3 to reduce the load weight and make the mainstage patching easier but after many tries i still have doubts:
patch change is slow especially if you need many during performance, the “between two sounds” transition is often full of garbage 'cause the fx and sound engines doesn’t change together.
Other big issue is polyphony, a non perfect timing on sustain pedal could cause heavy sound chopping.
When the system goes under pressure - and i mean something different than playing a piano or organ patch for two hours - the machine starts to do little glitches, bad efx, voice chop, strange behaivours in the sound (i.e. you stop, reload the same patch and all goes well)
I hope that this is NOT the definitive FW for this good and powerful machine, and they will solve these flaws, by now this is a very good alternative to plugin in the studio, really, but compared to real “live” machine i think there are too many issues.

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Happily my AL seems to be working as expected, but there was an amusing incident with the add-on wooden legs-the photos were great tho’ (not withstanding the mentioned matter of volume matching-no big thang) and the noise coming from Arturia re Firmware,could be promising…we are due. It was said that user input was a factor in whatever was coming.

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Hope so!!!

Not that i’m a potential customer, but any sign yet of them updating the firmware to make the machine fully compatible with V Collection X? Upon launch it was only fully compatible with VC9, which had been discontinued for four months by then, suggesting the machine’s launch had been delayed by upto a year with the result the firmware it shipped with was already obsolete at launch.

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It seems that no official date, nor features, nor more engines are said, here or on official Arturia page.
In fact, there is no news at all, here or there.

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