Share thoughts about using ASC to relocate content off of system drive?

I like to free up space on my C:/System drive and relocating the Arturia data/library files (not the VSTs) from the default C:\Program Data\Arturia folder would free up almost 46GB. I would be moving the data to another internal SATA drive.

Would anybody like to share any info, tips, suggestions, disasters, etc.?

In advance, Thanks!


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Hi @Paj and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Just set up a folder on your other drive, point ASC to it, hit ‘go’ and sit back for a little while while ASC does it’s thang…

Of course you’ll get better performance from an SSD over an HD.

Been doing it this way ever since the option was introduced some time ago.

Let ASC do it too as it sets up a bunch of Symlinks, occasionally people try and do it manually which seems to go wrong judging by some of the posts we’ve had on here.


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@matjones: Now there’s a home run on the first pitch! Thanks—perfect response. I’m starting to notice some of those unheralded convenience features that have been incorporated in the menus (like “Import Picture” for expansion tiles)—But being engaged by the synths/instruments themselves is not really a bad thing.

Thanks again,

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Great stuff!

Glad to hear it’s all gone well for you. :sunglasses: