Sequencer starts 'Play' (FL Studio) - and should not

Hi there,

I’m quite new to this, so maybe I’m getting something wrong.

When I have my MiniFreak linked to MiniFreak V in FL Studio it works fine, I love the integration, BUT:
When I use the sequencer on my MF - either by hitting ‘Play’ on the MF or just playing some notes - FL Studio reads this as an invitation to start playing the other tracks.
First I thought, the play- record- buttons of my MF were just mapped to the corresponding buttons in FL, but this is not the case. The play-button is, the record-button isn’t.

To my understanding, that makes no sense. I would like to be able to use the sequencer of the MF without FL starting the playback.

How could I achieve that?

Or am I simply missing, what sense that makes?

Hey @StefanS

When we’re new at this, and not so new if we’re all honest, it’s pretty easy to get lost or miss things, we all do it!

If you check out the latest manual

You’ll find it on P110/120, pic below…

You might also want to check FLS for an equivalent input setting too.


I am reading in both manuals (MF and MF V) nearly every day. But it seems I’ve skipped that. May because they are more than 300 pages in total? :face_with_peeking_eye:
There are so many interesting things to learn, and the manual is even quite fun to study!

Anyways: your tipp helped, thank you for that!

Hey @StefanS

No worries mate, we’re ALL new to this at some point and as you pointed out, the manual is over 300 pages, that gives you just a hint at just how deep The MiniFreak is, it might be small in size but it’s a litlle BEAST of a machine, that’s why i bought one myself :sunglasses:

Hope you’re having fun with it now!

Quite a freaky beast, indeed.

If I’m having fun with it? You bet!! :slight_smile:

What I’m trying currently is to create some specific sound (like E.-Piano, Flute, Strings) from scratch to understand what some tasty ingredients are.

Problem is, I most often don’t know where to start.
As in this post: How to create a Wurlitzer-like E-Piano from scratch? - Freak / MiniFreak - The Sound Explorers Community (

Any hint with what waveform I should begin would be highly appreciated!

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