Sending Patch Changes via Midi

HI - in all of the other Arturia software instruments I am able to save my own custom banks of presets, and then select them via Midi program changes. This greatly simplifies my live setup. Is there any reason why the standard Arturia preset browser has not been used with Minifreak V?

In Pigments for example, I have created 3 custom banks for different projects (Bank 1, 2 and 3), each with 15-30 presets (numbered 001 onwards). I then can conduct patch changes via Midi (either from my DAW or from my hardware sequencer - a Squarp Hapax). This is just using the standard midi patch change (Bank Number/Sub-bank/Patch Number), and it works seamlessly in every other Arturia software instrument.

I’ve tried sending patch changes to Minifreak V, but it doesn’t seem to respond. I don’t usually have a monitor visible when performing (headless Mac mini), so I can’t really go preset-hunting.

Any chance you can talk to your colleagues and look at standardising the preset management to align with your other products?

Does the hardware Minifreak respond to patch changes via Midi?


Hi @badseed79

Yes the hardware MF does respond to Prog/Bank change messages, i use them all the time in the studio for auditioning sounds as it’s easier to just scroll a mouse wheel.

Here’s a grab from page 110/120 from the MiniFreak Hardware Manual


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Thanks @matjones - very much appreciated. So at least the hardware version is an option if it comes to that, but I would really like to avoid buying more gear if at all possible (I just resisted buying an Astrolab as it’s almost perfect for my needs - only way I could really justify it would be if it had at least 76 keys and fully weighted to replace my Nord Stage 2).

It just seems bizarre that Arturia have a perfectly useable preset browser in most, if not all of their other software instruments, that can handle midi program changes, and creating multiple custom banks, but instead they’ve made something that looks almost the same, but lacks that key (to me) functionality. I’m guessing they had to make some compromises to fit in with the hardware model, which as you say, does support midi program changes (4 banks of 128).

Ultimately I might have a go at recreating the patch in Pigments and see if I can get close enough to satisfy the live set.

Ha - just figured out a workaround. Given that Analog Lab V does support Midi program changes so that will suffice for my Minifreak patches :slight_smile:

Still bothers me that Arturia have this great preset browser that is standard across pretty much all of their plugins…except Minifreak V!