Screech when recording or playing back

When pressing a key using Analog lab (or any software instrument track) I get a slow oscillating scream that doesn’t stop when key is depressed. Does stop when selecting a different patch, then starts again on key press.

Does not happen with audio track, only software tracks. Also happens on my 2021 M1 laptop without an external interface. Same issue on 2 very different machines?

Also happens when I record enable a track or hit play or record.

I’m thinking feedback, but I’ve unplugged everything from my Scarlet 18i20 except headphones and monitors. See the included picts with settings.

I’ve had it running correctly at 96kHz for some time, then hooked up a Drumbrute and fiddled with some settings (can’t remember what) I’ve since unhooked the Drumbrute, so only the Scarlett remains., now it screams if I record enable a track.

2017 iMac Catalina 10.15.7 Logic Pro 10.6.3.

Thanks in advance.

Hi again @Fractalman .

Sound like it can be a midi feedback somewhere somehow. Have you checked your midi routing including in your DAW setups?