Question regarding Latency of the Transient Detection


I’m trying to use efx Motion as a volume envelope controller based on another instrument playing.

I’m using FL Studio 21 so unfortunately, the MIDI triggering option is not available (no latency compensation for it) and I’m now trying the transient detection (by sending a very simple kick) so I get rid of the lack of latency compensation but it still seems that I’ve a 20 ms delay between the start of my kick trigger and the moment the enveloppe kicks in.

Does anyone experience this ? Is it by design that we may have to experience this slight delay ?


  • Kick on mixer 1 sidechain to mixer 2
  • efx Motion on mixer 2 receiving the sound and the sidechain from the kick

Hi @N_X_L . Welcome to the community.

I presume you mean Efx Motion when you in the end write Efx Fragments.

There should be no latency.

To me it sound like how you route in FL Studio. Are you sure you do it correct?
I don’t know about FL Studio.

About using MIDI Trigger:
In my DAW Studio One 6 i can select the relevant Efx Motion as instrument for instrument track. This make it possible to route MIDI into the effect. When this is done the MIDI trigger work fine and without latency, and without using any latency compensation.

About using Transient Trigger:
When i select a track as Sidechain input for Efx Motion (without using a track for the effect), then that too work fine and without latency and without latency compensation.

I have only tested with a DEMO version of Efx Motion as i unfortunately not yet have got an activated version. But i can see and hear the triggers work without latency.

I can’t tell, if you have a setting in the Efx Motion settings you use, that cause the latency/ delay.

Sure, this was Efx Motion, thanks for seeing it, i’ve made an edit.

Thanks for the precious answer, good to know this is working fine with your setup so I’ll dig a bit more in mine to see what could be wrong and try to fix it.

You are welcome @N_X_L .

Feel free to ask futher if needed.