Question about VST on the Mac

In Library/Audio/Plug-Ins I have both VST and VST3 directories.

To use Pigments as an example.

In Library/audio/Plug-Ins/VST I have “Pigments.vst” 56.7 MB
In Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3 I have “Pigments.vst3” 56.7 MB

OK Simple enough, if I want to remove a VST2 entry I just delete it from Library/audio/Plug-Ins/VST?

However If I go to Library/Arturia/Pigments (it’s the same for all instruments) I also have both of the vst files in there,

“Pigments.vst” 56.7 MB and “Pigments.vst3” 56.7MB

I presume that as I can remove a VST2 by removing it from Library/audio/Plug-Ins/VST then the vst’s in Library/Arturia aren’t referenced at all? If that’s the case, why does the installer put them there?

While I have a lot of spare internal SSD space, I always try not to have anything unnecessary installed.

Note: Main studio is Windows, hence using VST3 on Mac

Many thanks

Hi @HobGoblyn ,

The problem is, that unless you choose not to install VST2, then they will be reinstalled at the next update.

If you uncheck Silent Install in ASC at the next update, then i think you get an option to deselect VST2 install.
I’m not sure if clearing the VST2 path in ASC will do the same. A clear global deselect would be nice to have.

The standalone installers have the option to deselect some plugin formats install.

I do think VST2 can be deselected for install, but it’s a long time since i ran a install with the install options.


I believe you can simply delete the .DLL files from your plug-ins folder, probably can delete that whole folder since the VST3s are usually in their own folder. Might have to re-scan libraries after…

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