Question about updated synths in V Collections

I own V Collection 9. This new X collection arriwed with Mini V4 update. Does this mean I have access to Mini V4 or I have to upgrade V Collection into version X? I somewhere read that upgrades for products are free, except V Collection, but I am not sure if it is true.

Hi @Obelix

Updates to The V Collection X from earlier versions are paid.


Thanks for answer, but I know that, what I don’t know if I have access to new synth upgrades wich I have in V9 collection. For example the new Mini V4.

You do not. Mini V3 comes with V Collection 9. Mini V4 is a brand new product that comes in V Collection X.


@Talahamut is correct in what they have stated.

Would you please tell how many presets are available for the Buchla Easel V?

HI @b.dinu and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

A quick look at my own copy tells me 383 presets, of course there might be one or two of my own in there, but the figure will be very close to that.


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Thank you for the reply. I asked because on the Arturia site there are 350 presets stated for the Buchla Easel V, while my Factory Bank has only 255; I have no clue where should I get the remaining 95 presets/patches. Any suggestions , please?

You could try deleting the database file and let it rebuild.
If on windows you can find it here C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets and it’s called db.db3.
If you have ALV, open it and let it run for a few minutes to rebuild your database.
If you don’t have ALV, just use The Buchla Easel V. The reason i suggest ALV is that is contains a much larger range of presets.


If you open the patch browser and select Soundbanks, you will see all installed banks. The Factory bank has 255 patches (I am on V9). I have a few other soundbanks installed added (maybe free, maybe paid) during various V Collection upgrades such as Patchworks, Synthopedia and R Devines Signature 2. These bring my total patches up to 387. So, you may be missing some or indeed other soundbanks.

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Buchla V is said to have 256 factory presets on the product site - i also have other presets like Funtmaster explain. Look down the page under _Main Features.

It used to be that once you owned an instrument you got all updates for it.
Then Arturia started running out of new stuff to emulate so they started updating the older synths. At first we didn’t have to pay for them, but now we do. It’s really shitty of them. They can’t think of new stuff to add except those lame sample-based crapstruments, so they now charge us for updates we used to get for free. On top of that, prior customers pay more per instrument than new customers, so updating only makes sense every 2 to 3 versions.
Let’s hear it for capitalism eh.