Purchased presets not loading

I recently purchased the Futurism sound bank. Downloaded and installed the exe’s and everything displays as purchased/installed in Analog Labs V. I can see the new presets in the Pigments instrument with the defaults.

However, clicking on a preset from those packs will not load the preset. The Pigments presets that are not part of the new bank load just fine, it’s only the new ones. The presets loaded the first time I had the software open and tested, but now I can’t get them to load at all. I’ve restarted the software and my computer a few times with no luck.

Any ideas on how to get this working?


One more topic there are many suggestions how to deal with in the legacy forum.
Perhaps the link to the legacy forum should be easier to see. And perhaps create a FAQ.

Sometimes it helps, if you open ASC. Also be sure the soundpack is activated.
If not then please post a screenshot of the preset browser with the preset, and of the soundpack in the application store.
You can also try to search the legacy forum.

I thought the “Legacy” section of this forum was the old forum, but after a bit of searching found the actual Legacy forum. I couldn’t find an answer to my specific issue, found some with presets not showing up at all, but I could see them, they just wouldn’t load a new sound.

I was able to resolve.
I updated to the latest version of Analog Lab V via the Arturia Software Center and now my new presets load just fine. I did leave ASC open while trying it so that may have fixed my issue as well.


Good it’s solved.

FYI: The legacy forum is here: https://legacy-forum.arturia.com/