Programming LabVpro Sounds on Arturia MKii

I like to be able to quickly switch sounds while playing. That’s why I want to be able to choose the sounds of Analog labVpro quick using a button on my keyboard. How can I assign sounds to a button?

HI @PeKey and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

If i understand your question correctly, then this is not possible i’m afraid.


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Keylab MK2 have buttons and pads that can be set to send out ProgramChange messages.
ProgramChange messages can work in Analog Lab PRO, but only when using Playlists.
I’m not sure how well ProgramChange work with the VST3 and the AU format. If nothing has changed since i last tried it, then it at least should work fine with the standalone version of Analog Lab PRO and the VST2 format version.

Just in case
Midi CC controls can be assigned to step through presets.
Arrows on a QWERTY keyboard also step through preset.

You can try it all out and see if this is what you look for.